Trump Says He Won’t Bring Up Bill Clinton’s Past in Next Debate

Post-Debate Trump 'Glad' He Didn't Mention Bill Clinton Indiscretions 0:27

Despite alluding to Bill Clinton's infidelity during the first presidential debate, Donald Trump said he will not bring up the former president's past during their second showdown on Sunday.

"I want to win this election on my policies for the future, not on Bill Clinton's past," Trump told Page Six. "Jobs, trade, ending illegal immigration, veteran care, and strengthening our military is what I really want to be talking about."

Trump's campaign confirmed the quote to NBC News' Ali Vitali.

During the first debate, the Republican presidential nominee said he refrained from saying "something extremely rough" to Hillary Clinton because daughter Chelsea Clinton was in the audience.

Trump’s comments to Page Six are a departure from what he and his surrogates have said publicly following his widely panned performance in the first debate. Trump told the New York Times he could “be nastier” than Hillary Clinton, talked about their marriage during rallies, and even questions the former secretary of state’s loyalty to her husband.