2016 Election

Trump Supporter Brings Effigy of Clinton With Noose to Rally

Hillary Clinton Doll With Noose Held Aloft at Trump Rally 0:39

An effigy depicting Hillary Clinton with a noose around her neck dangled above the crowd cheering on a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina on Wednesday.

Trump supporter Ginger Glover gave the the "Lyin’ Hillary Doll" a personal touch by tying a rope around its neck.

The effigy is just the latest example of the violent imagery and anti-Clinton sentiment emerging out of the presidential election.

Earlier this week, Trump supporters took a model of Clinton’s head and mounted it on a stake.

Trump Supporters Bring Anti-Clinton Displays to Rally 0:38

A separate poster found in the crowd at Virginia Beach depicted a bull's-eye trained on the Democratic nominee’s face.

Glover said the Clinton doll and noose were intended to express her belief that the former secretary of state deserved to be jailed.

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When asked by a pool reporter whether she wished to see Clinton dead, Glover said no.

"It's just for effect," she added.