What America Fact Checked During the VP Debate

Fact check face-off: Kaine vs. Pence 2:13

Wondering what America was fact checking tonight? Here’s the most searched questions, according to Google, during the vice presidential debate, and our answers too.

  1. Did Trump say that more countries should have nuclear weapons? Not exactly, but he's come quite close.
  2. Does Trump have business links to Russia? He says no, but there's strong evidence saying otherwise.
  3. Did Mike Pence say Putin is a better leader than Obama? Yes.
  4. When will Social Security run out of money? 2034.
  5. Is Tim Kaine pro-choice? He doesn’t personally support abortion, but supports women’s right to choose.
  6. Is Mike Pence pro-death penalty? Yes.
  7. Is Mike Pence a born-again Christian? Pence has described himself as “a born-again, evangelical Catholic,” though it’s unclear where he stands on the substantive theological differences between evangelical Christianity and Catholicism.