Who Won the Final 2016 Debate?

From 'Puppets' to 'Bad Hombres,' Highlights from the Third Presidential Debate 2:49

The final presidential debate is in the history books. Here's what people are saying.

An instant poll from CNN/ORC showed Clinton with a broad advantage.

YouGov, an online poll, also showed Clinton with the lead.

Trump cited a pair of non-scientific online polls -- which typically attract fans of one candidate -- showing a win for him.

Nicole Wallace, a Republican strategist and political analyst for NBC News, said that Trump's suggestion that he might not accept the results of the election was "the nail in the coffin."

Trump's Response to Election Result a 'Lights Out Moment in American Politics' 1:27

NBC Senior Political Editor Mark Murray had this to say:

And NBC's Chuck Todd notes that one winner was viewers who were looking for substance.

Chuck Todd: Final Debate Was The Closest Thing to a Real Debate 4:41