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Wisconsin Primary: Ted Cruz's Top 5 Cheese-Related Moments

Self-confessed cheese connoisseur Ted Cruz made two dairy-related campaign stops on Monday.

MILWAUKEE — Self-confessed cheese connoisseur Ted Cruz made two dairy-related campaign stops on Monday.

Accompanied by wife Heidi, his two daughters, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Sen. Mike Lee and former presidential race rival Carly Fiorina, Cruz visited the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha and then Glorioso’s Italian Market in Milwaukee.

Here are five of the day's top cheese-related moments ahead Tuesday's Wisconsin primary.

1. No Cheesehead-Wearing

The Canadian-born senator rejected a "cheesehead" from daughter Caroline.

"There is an iron-clad rule in politics which is no funny hats," he said. "And any hat by definition is defined as a funny hat. Michael Dukakis demonstrated that powerfully when he put on a helmet and rode in a tank. And so I will cheer on that hats of others."

When asked his favorite type of cheese, he replied: "All of them. I love cheese and you can’t go wrong. I’ve never had a bad cheese."

Cruz added: "I usually go to the store and pick out five or six and I like to mix it up and try all sorts of different kinds. To be honest, I like cheese on cheese. You can’t go wrong with it."

And to wash it all down?

"I tend to be a Guinness man," he said. "I like a pint of Guinness, poured slow. That’s a meal in and of itself."

2. 'This Is Wisconsin'

Cruz reveled in the wintry spring weather.

"Is there any more Wisconsin image in the entire world than standing in front of the Cheese Castle with snow coming down surrounded by the great men and women of the state. This is America. And this is Wisconsin."

3. Cheese as a Weapon?

As Cruz was walking out the door at Glorioso's, he was asked: "Should we arm the cheese curds?"

He responded: "Now that’s funny. Alright you convinced me, yes, we need to arm the cheese curds, and you know if we send the cheese curds into ISIS, it’ll fatten 'em up and they’ll go down immediately ... Maybe they get enough cheese curds they’ll just decide this whole jihad thing they don’t need it, and they should just happily eat cheese curds and live in peace with their fellow man."

4. No Ropes, Just 'Fancy Cheese' on This Campaign

Cruz joked that cheese, sorbet and gelato might improve his relationship with journalists.

"We’re really trying to fatten you guys up," he said. "I just figure, if you’re sort of in a food coma, it’ll calm the ravages of the press corps. Other campaigns use rope here. We feed you fancy cheese, we like, you know, sorbet, gelato."

He also offered jalapeño cheese bread to reporters. "The press corps is so timid," he said. "Is there anyone with the courage?”

5. Life in the White (Cheddar) House

The Texas senator was asked whether everyday would be "big block of cheese day" during a Cruz presidency.

"That is very tempting," he added. "I’ll have to think about seriously."

Sen. Ted Cruz at the Mars Cheese Castle on Monday.Darren Hauck / Getty Images