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Graphic: Tracking candidate attacks during the 10th Democratic debate

NBC News tracked debate attacks throughout the night.
A composite image of the Democratic candidates participating in the 10th debate in Charleston, South Carolina, February 2020.

Last week it was Bloomberg, tonight it was Bernie Sanders.

Sanders was the most attacked candidate on the debate stage during the 10th Democratic debate Wednesday night. Candidates challenged Sanders, who comes into South Carolina the definitive front-runner, more than 30 times during the debate.

Rivals attacked Sanders on "Medicare for all" and for his past votes on gun control legislation, among other topics. Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg attacked him the most.

This was not Sanders’s first time in the hot seat: He was the most-attacked candidate in the Iowa debate earlier this month. The frequency of the attacks tonight was notable: Sanders was the second-most attacked of any Democratic candidate in the debate cycle yet, second to Mike Bloomberg in the Nevada debate.

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