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Election Confessions, South Carolina edition

Here’s what South Carolinians really think about the candidates and the 2020 presidential election.

South Carolina is the last of the early state presidential contests to precede Super Tuesday and also the most diverse among them. The question everyone’s asking heading into Saturday’s election: Which way will it go?

NBC News has asked its readers since last summer to anonymously ‘confess’ what they really think about the presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican.

On Election Confessions, people from across the United States have shared more than 60,000 short ideas about the candidates and the country. Many of those provided their locations (as determined by their internet connection). Here are some of the more notable confessions from the Palmetto State:

Confessions about Donald Trump

We need a great leader. One who is smart, articulate, cares about this country. The one in office is none of these things. Help

Confessions about Tom Steyer

"Has implemented great ideas.Built up a business from zero. Could repair our country. Moderate policies. Public face needs polish."

Confessions about Amy Klobuchar

"After seeing how she treats staff, it's a hard pass on her. You can tell a lot by how someone treats others."

Confessions about the country

I dream of the day when influential men who've always had a seat at the table will throw their support behind female candidates
Let the candidates weed themselves out; then I shall decide if anyone can triumph over the incumbent. Don't think anyone will.

Confessions about Bernie Sanders

He has been valuable for pushing new ideas. I wish he would stay in the senate and continue to be loud.

Confessions about Elizabeth Warren

I'm warming up to Warren. I don't agree with all her ideas but she's smart and hard-working. I'd vote for her.

Confessions about Pete Buttigieg

For the first time in my life I donated to a campaign because of Pete's energy & message. He is our future & I support him 100%

Confessions about Tulsi Gabbard

I don't trust her for some reason.

Confessions about Joe Biden

Biden has my vote - When I first met him I asked him, "What does Delaware?" His reply was, "A New Jersey." Humor is essential!
I am a senior citizen myself, but I think Joe's time has passed. We need new, young blood running this country.

Confessions about Mike Bloomberg

We don't need another billionaire at the helm of the country.

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