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Election Confessions, Iowa edition: What Iowans have to say about the presidential candidates

People in Iowa anonymously shared with NBC News what they really thought about the 2020 election. Here’s what they said.
NBC News

Since 1971, Iowa’s voters have had the first say in who might be president, giving Iowans what some call an outsize influence on the presidential election.

Some in the state, with its 2.4 million voting-age adults, have confessed what they claim to be their inner thoughts on the cadre of presidential candidates at NBC News’ Election Confessions.

“I cannot vote for any of these!” one wrote. “I wish he would have got into the race earlier,” another wrote about now-departed candidate Steve Bullock, the governor of Montana.

More than 7,000 people from across the U.S. have shared around 60,000 confessions about the candidates, the country and its condition. Here are some of the more notable confessions from the first-in-the-nation voting state:

Confessions for Bernie Sanders

I can't look at this man without seeing Dr. Emmett Brown from the movie Back to the Future. "1.21 gigawatts!"
"I do not want him to be President, even though I admire his as a person, but he might be the best chance for Democrats to win."

Confessions for Tom Steyer

"I wish he was doing better in the polls. I like what he says about term limits and other subjects."

Confessions for Tulsi Gabbard

"I like Tulsi, but I see her more as a VP for Bernie."

Confessions for Donald Trump

"I thought about leaving after 2016. I would more seriously consider it, if he wins again. I've looked at Canadian Real Estate."
"I felt a sense of hopelessness like nothing I'd ever experienced during the 2016 elections & I'm worried 2020 will be a repeat."

Confessions for the country

"I wish everyone under the top 5 or 6 would drop out. The race is way too crowded and Dems have to unite and rally around someone."

Confessions for Joe Biden

"I think Joe is a fine candidate and will vote for him if he wins the nomination but not my first choice."

Confessions for Pete Buttigieg

"Probably the best candidate, but homophobia, South Bend, & an air of condescension are going to weigh him down like a boat anchor."

Confessions for Amy Klobuchar

"I really like her and her views. She is from the midwest. She would make a good VP"

Confessions for Andrew Yang

"I voted for Trump & regret it. Andrew Yang has solutions to the problems Trump spoke about."

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