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Election Confessions, Nevada edition

Here’s what Nevadans really think about the candidates and the 2020 presidential election.
A reader 'confession': \"No thanks Mr. Billionaire who thinks you're better than everyone else.\"

This is Nevada’s week to choose. Nevada, considered something of bellwether, will be the first Western state to assign its delegates for the 2020 presidential election when it holds completes its caucuses Saturday.

Unsurprisingly, many of its residents have already made a decision.

NBC News asked readers to share their innermost thoughts about the slate of Democrats and Republicans in the 2020 presidential race, and people in Nevada answered.

“None of these candidates are strong enough,” one reader wrote.

“I secretly hope some in the GOP stands up to impeach Trump,” another wrote.

“She seems a little fake!” another reader wrote about a former candidate, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

On NBC News' Election Confessions, people from across the United States have shared more than 60,000 musings about the candidates, the country and its condition. Here are some of the more notable confessions from Nevada.

Confessions about Elizabeth Warren

"I want to live in the world where she's president. Great policies. well articulated. Compassionate & SMART"

Confessions about Pete Buttigieg

"So refreshing to hear an intelligent candidate, who is both charismatic and center left. He is young and from the midwest."

Confessions about Michael Bloomberg

"As a NYC native he's just another arrogant controlling billionaire Not interested hope he gets no serious consideration."

Confessions about Bernie Sanders

"I've never been able to warm up to Bernie. People I admire love him but I just can't get there."

Confessions about Donald Trump

"I am ashamed to admit that I voted for Trump in 2016. He has become a stain on America that will take decades to fix."

Confessions about the country

"This past decade has shown me that this country is full of racist selfish people. I'm so sad."

Confessions about Joe Biden

"Been paying attention to Joe for decades.If he was running in 2016 would have voted for him Now I think he's too old."

Confessions about Amy Klobuchar

"Very impressive. Not my first choice, but I would vote for her if she is the candidate."

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