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Election Confessions, New Hampshire edition

New Hampshirites anonymously shared with NBC News what they really thought about the 2020 election. This is what they wrote.
A reader confession: \"Not going to happen, but I respect the tenacity to try.\"

New Hampshire voters will have their chance to choose a Democratic nominee Tuesday, but some residents have already weighed in on the race — anonymously.

NBC News’ Election Confessions heard from people in the state who chimed in on everything from Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s “bromance” to President Donald Trump’s future.

“May you live long... in the private sector,” one wrote about Trump. “Why does every Mayor of NYC think they would make a great President?” another wrote about the former candidate Bill de Blasio, one of the two 2020 candidates who have worked that job. “Yang is the first time I've been excited for a candidate ever,” a third wrote.

On Election Confessions, people from across the United States have shared more than 60,000 musings about the candidates, the country and its condition. Here are some of the more notable confessions from New Hampshire:

Confessions about the country

Confession: "I worry that the news is always Trump. We need to focus more on getting to know the candidates. Trump is the same every day."

Confessions about Joe Biden

"I am so over the status quo and Biden is the poster child for it. We need new energy and new ideas."

Confessions about Elizabeth Warren

"I truly believe in her and I'm terrified she'll hand Trump another win."
"I want to live in Elizabeth Warren's world."

Confessions about Pete Buttigieg

"Love Mayor Pete buy I'm not sure what his plans are."

Confessions about Amy Klobuchar

"She would make an excellent president, but I don't think she has the charisma to get elected. It's a shame."

Confessions about Andrew Yang

"Andrew Yang is what the people of this country need! I love his paid parental leave policy and how family orientated he is."

Confessions about Bernie Sanders

"I voted for Bernie in 2016 and think the nomination was stolen from him. I just wish he would stop yelling to appear less extreme."

Confessions about Donald Trump

"When he said only he could do it, I never imagined he meant destroying our democracy and rule of law. He must go or we're doomed."

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