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Election Confessions: There are seven types of voters, which one are you?

We scoured our Election Confessions site and found these seven types of voters.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News; Getty Images

It’s not easy being a voter this election season.

According to the entries published on NBC News’ Election Confessions site, voters are switching between long-held parties, feeling anxious, running into conflicts with their families, and more.

NBC News gathered confessions written this election season and came up with seven types of voters. Do one of these describe you? Share your confessions on Election Confessions.

The lone wolf voter

The lone wolf voters are voting differently than their friends and are even cutting ties in the process of supporting their chosen candidate.

The lifelong Republican voting for Joe Biden

There are some of these: Voters who had been used to casting their ballots for Republican candidates and are now switching sides.

The lifelong Democrat voting Trump

There are some of these, too: Voters used to voting Democratic who are now supporting President Donald Trump.

The Biden’s-not-my-pick-but-I’m-voting-for-him types

This voter may not have wanted Biden to win the Democratic nomination, but here we are.

The scared and anxious voter

Election stress disorder is a thing. Even if your fear and anxiety don’t rise to the level of this disorder, it’s still real.

The hopeful voter

Not everyone is feeling doom and gloom this election season. These voters are holding out hope and are optimistic about the outcomes.

The I-don’t-like-either-of-them voter

These voters write that they wish another candidate was running.

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