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Highlights from the final Trump-Biden presidential debate

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President Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off in their final presidential debate on Thursday night.

The 90-minute debate, moderated by NBC's Kristen Welker, took place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, covered a wide range of topics, including Covid-19, race, immigration and climate change.

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Read highlights, fact checks and takeaway below:

890d ago / 1:06 PM UTC

Trump's debate topics tonight: China and Hunter Biden

890d ago / 12:48 PM UTC

Cybersecurity company finds hacker selling info on 186 million U.S. voters

890d ago / 12:12 PM UTC

Google saw evidence of fake email operation linked to Iran

890d ago / 12:05 PM UTC

'Exciting moment': Obama votes by mail, runs down instructions

890d ago / 11:50 AM UTC

Trump says he plans to release an 'unedited preview' of that '60 Minutes' interview

890d ago / 11:02 AM UTC

Iran says claims by U.S. of interference in 2020 election are 'absurd'

890d ago / 10:54 AM UTC

Trump national security adviser says president would accept results if he loses on Nov. 3

890d ago / 10:48 AM UTC

Obama to campaign for Biden in key battleground state of Florida on Saturday

890d ago / 10:44 AM UTC

Cindy McCain on why she's backing Biden: 'Every time you think it couldn't get much worse, it does'

890d ago / 10:05 AM UTC

Everything you need to know about the last debate

890d ago / 10:04 AM UTC
890d ago / 10:03 AM UTC

Just catching up? Here's what you missed

890d ago / 10:18 PM UTC

Packed crowds, few masks at Trump's NC rally