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Nov. 6 highlights: Ballot counting continues in presidential race

Presidential election results as ballots are counted in key states.
Image; President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on a background of red and blue stars in concentric circles.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

Elections officials in several key states hurried to finish counting all outstanding votes as Americans could finally learn who won Tuesday's presidential election.

Joe Biden maintained his Electoral College lead over President Donald Trump, overtaking the president in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Trump, meanwhile, vowed to "pursue this process through every aspect of the law" Friday after offering a series of false claims about election integrity in defiant remarks from the White House the day before, and is mounting a legal blitz across several battleground states.

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—All eyes on battleground vote counts as anxious nation waits

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Georgia poll worker forced into hiding while more Fulton County votes come in

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While we wait... This is how the NBC News Decision Desk calls races

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Advocates race to find Georgia voters to correct bad ballots

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ADL asks Pelosi, McCarthy to keep QAnon-backing lawmakers off committees

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Republicans battle on Twitter over support for Trump's baseless election fraud claims

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Photo: Naked Cowboy exchanges words with Biden supporter in N.Y.C.'s Times Square

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GOP Sen. Perdue's campaign is preparing for 'coming runoff' in Georgia

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Bossie to lead Trump's election challenges

, , and

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Photo: Alex Jones joins protesters in Maricopa County

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Pennsylvania GOP asks Supreme Court to stop count of mail-in ballots that arrived after Tuesday

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Former Rep. Gabby Giffords celebrates husband Mark Kelly's Senate win

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You think vote counting in Nevada and Pennsylvania is slow? Think again.

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Pennsylvania appeals court orders some provisional ballots to be set aside for now

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How Ritchie Torres, Congress' first gay Afro Latino, won on 'bread-and-butter issues'

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Trump campaign defiant, but 'deflated' feeling creeping in

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Nevada's Clark County still needs to count tens of thousands of ballots

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Photo: Observers get a close look at Pennsylvania ballots

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NAACP debunks claims about white supremacy plots

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2 men detained after police learn of possible threat to Philadelphia vote counting center

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Anticipating a Biden victory, Pelosi says 'it's a happy day for our country'

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Biden extends lead in Nevada, NBC News projects

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Here's Obama's reaction to Biden gains

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Georgia secretary of state says 'there will be a recount'

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Democrat Mark Kelly unseats Martha McSally in Arizona Senate race, NBC News projects

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An update on Trump's Nevada lawsuit threats

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Biden campaign tells staffers to 'enjoy this moment'

, and

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The mood at Trump campaign headquarters: grim but determined

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Top White House adviser predicts 'peaceful transition of power'

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Counties with worst virus surges overwhelmingly voted Trump

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'This election is not over': Trump campaign defiant after Biden takes lead in Pennsylvania

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FIRST READ: Biden has learned the lessons from the 2000 recount, Trump hasn’t

, , and

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Joe Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania after edging ahead in Georgia

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Economy added 638,000 jobs in October vs. 530,000 expected, unemployment rate falls to 6.9 percent

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Georgia voters urged to check status of the mail-in ballots

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones addresses pro-Trump protesters in Arizona


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Biden takes the lead in Georgia

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'This is getting insane': Republicans push back against Trump's false election claims

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States still too close to call

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Trump told one falsehood after another about the presidential race. Here are the facts.

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Al Gore, who knows about waiting for a result, on the election