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November 7 highlights: Joe Biden becomes the president-elect

Joe Biden, will become the 46th president of the United States after beating Donald Trump. Biden and Kamala Harris delivered their acceptance speeches Saturday in Delaware.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

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Joe Biden became president-elect Saturday after winning Pennsylvania, NBC News has projected.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump vowed Saturday to press forward with a legal fight, pushing unfounded claims of voter fraud in response to the news that came while he was at his Virginia golf club.

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871d ago / 2:11 AM UTC

Biden elevates trans voters as members of his diverse coalition

871d ago / 2:08 AM UTC
871d ago / 2:03 AM UTC

Biden to Black Americans: I have your back

871d ago / 1:58 AM UTC

Biden and Harris thank poll workers in victory speeches

871d ago / 1:53 AM UTC

Biden takes subtle dig at Trump: Make America respected again

871d ago / 1:41 AM UTC

The first, but not the last

871d ago / 1:33 AM UTC

Harris with the suffragette nod

871d ago / 12:59 AM UTC

Dance party erupts outside Harris' California childhood home

871d ago / 12:55 AM UTC

Electric atmosphere as crowd awaits victory speeches by Biden, Harris

871d ago / 12:41 AM UTC

Pennsylvania voters in key county explain why they supported Biden

871d ago / 12:37 AM UTC

Amtrak hopes its most famous rider can deliver funding package

871d ago / 12:21 AM UTC

Longtime Biden confidants reflect on victory

871d ago / 12:09 AM UTC

Scenes from the Biden drive-in victory rally in Wilmington

871d ago / 11:58 PM UTC

Photos: Jubilant mood in Harlem

871d ago / 11:45 PM UTC
871d ago / 11:39 PM UTC

California Democrats rally around Vice President-elect Harris

871d ago / 11:33 PM UTC

At least 3 White House aides infected with Covid-19 along with Mark Meadows

871d ago / 11:15 PM UTC

At Biden drive-in rally, jubilation with win, but anxiety with how close it was

871d ago / 11:05 PM UTC

How Black voters in key cities helped deliver the election for Joe Biden

871d ago / 10:59 PM UTC

Letter carriers take a bow, delivering ballots that fueled Biden win

871d ago / 10:56 PM UTC

Georgia's secretary of state says Fulton County 'discovered an issue' in Friday's reporting

871d ago / 10:49 PM UTC

Good vibes, loud music, as cars roll in at the drive-in Biden victory rally

871d ago / 10:25 PM UTC

After round of golf and Biden announced as winner, Trump mingles with club guests

871d ago / 10:03 PM UTC

The moment Biden found out that news outlets had declared him the winner

871d ago / 9:56 PM UTC
871d ago / 9:36 PM UTC

Clyburn jokes Biden 'owes me' — for interrupting golf outing

871d ago / 9:36 PM UTC

From Wall Street to weed, corporate America prepares for life in purple

871d ago / 9:21 PM UTC

New Yorkers celebrate Joe Biden's election victory

871d ago / 9:13 PM UTC

Biden's victory snaps Ohio's long winning streak in presidential elections

871d ago / 9:05 PM UTC

Trump returns to the White House after new agencies project Biden win

871d ago / 9:00 PM UTC

Biden inherits a battered economy with 10 million still unemployed

871d ago / 8:17 PM UTC
871d ago / 8:16 PM UTC
871d ago / 8:07 PM UTC

ANALYSIS: Biden won. Now comes the unimaginably hard part.

871d ago / 8:00 PM UTC

Biden to launch presidential transition, name Covid task force

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871d ago / 7:55 PM UTC

'Democracy won!': Biden's victory cheered by Lizzo, Eva Longoria, LeBron other activist celebs

871d ago / 7:50 PM UTC

As Trump leaves Virginia golf course, Biden supporters wave goodbye, give him thumbs down

871d ago / 7:46 PM UTC

Clyburn: 'I'm very ecstatic'

871d ago / 7:44 PM UTC

'Major' day: Biden's German shepherd Major to become first rescue dog in the White House

871d ago / 7:35 PM UTC

Pennsylvania to Supreme Court: Don't stop the count of later-arriving mail-in ballots

871d ago / 7:30 PM UTC

Photo: Chuck Schumer celebrates in New York

871d ago / 7:22 PM UTC

Carter says he looks forward to the 'positive change' coming

871d ago / 7:14 PM UTC

Obama has spoken to both Biden and Harris

871d ago / 7:13 PM UTC

Biden wins Nevada, NBC News projects

871d ago / 7:07 PM UTC

Ukrainian president, of the 'perfect phone call,' congrats Biden and Harris

871d ago / 6:58 PM UTC

After Joe Biden's win over Donald Trump, relief sweeps through America's allies

871d ago / 6:56 PM UTC

Jill Biden says husband will be a president for 'all families'

871d ago / 6:55 PM UTC

'Adiós Trump' T-shirt sale will fund DACA kids, says Julián Castro

871d ago / 6:53 PM UTC

'America has spoken and democracy has won': Bill Clinton congratulates Biden, Harris

871d ago / 6:40 PM UTC

Pelosi, Schumer call Biden on his victory, say they hope to 'achieve great things' together

871d ago / 6:36 PM UTC

Desi Twitter bursts with pride over Kamala Harris as VP-elect

871d ago / 6:20 PM UTC

Pennsylvania Latinos were pivotal for Biden in the state

871d ago / 6:11 PM UTC

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani vows lawsuits challenging votes in Pennsylvania

871d ago / 6:09 PM UTC
871d ago / 6:02 PM UTC

Senate Democrats contemplate divided government under a Biden presidency


871d ago / 5:52 PM UTC

871d ago / 5:49 PM UTC

Trump golfs as Biden named president-elect

871d ago / 5:43 PM UTC

Photos: Spontaneous celebrations as news spreads of Biden victory

871d ago / 5:38 PM UTC

Biden's win sparks street celebrations around the country

871d ago / 5:36 PM UTC
871d ago / 5:35 PM UTC

The scene in Times Square

871d ago / 5:28 PM UTC
871d ago / 5:27 PM UTC

'We did it, Joe': Harris calls Biden

871d ago / 5:24 PM UTC

'History-making ticket': Hillary Clinton reacts to the Biden-Harris win

871d ago / 5:20 PM UTC

Nancy Pelosi responds to Biden's win

871d ago / 5:14 PM UTC

Doug Emhoff tweets on Harris

871d ago / 5:05 PM UTC

Harris makes history as first female, Black, South Asian American VP-elect

871d ago / 5:02 PM UTC

Photos: Philadelphia reacts to announcement of Biden winning election

871d ago / 4:59 PM UTC

Trump responds to projection of Biden's win

871d ago / 4:56 PM UTC

Biden and Harris tweet their thanks to the country

871d ago / 4:40 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: How Biden rebuilt the Democrats' 'blue wall'

871d ago / 4:24 PM UTC


871d ago / 3:38 PM UTC

Incendiary texts traced to outfit run by top Trump aide

871d ago / 2:35 PM UTC

Fact check: Trump claims tractors, cardboard as signs of fraud


871d ago / 1:54 PM UTC

Biden widens margin in Georgia, Pennsylvania as final votes tabulated

871d ago / 12:50 PM UTC
871d ago / 12:46 PM UTC
871d ago / 12:19 PM UTC

'My ideals are driven by my faith': Raphael Warnock on his Senate runoff race

871d ago / 11:23 AM UTC

Trump's election falsehoods 'put a smile' on the faces of dictators, observers warn

871d ago / 11:18 AM UTC

Biden predicts win, calls for unity, as presidential race still undecided

871d ago / 11:16 AM UTC

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tests positive for Covid-19


871d ago / 11:15 AM UTC

What are 'provisional ballots' and why it takes time to count them

871d ago / 11:14 AM UTC

Supreme Court Justice Alito weighs in on Pennsylvania mail-in ballot case

871d ago / 11:14 AM UTC