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Nov. 10 highlights: Presidency transition continues despite challenges to election results

The president-elect delivered remarks on Obamacare as the Supreme Court considers whether to overturn it.
Image: Donald Trump and Joe Biden on a background of red and blue ripples with white stars.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday is outlining more details of his transition plan even as President Donald Trump and other top Republicans continue to challenge the results of last week's election.

At the top of Biden's priorities is tackling the Covid-19 pandemic, which Trump faced strong criticism over throughout the campaign. Biden on Tuesday will also deliver remarks on the Affordable Care Act as the Supreme Court hears arguments on whether to overturn the landmark health care law.

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Latest updates below:

863d ago / 3:53 AM UTC

Latest group of GOP senators to say Biden transition should begin

863d ago / 3:47 AM UTC

Budget process moving forward

863d ago / 2:41 AM UTC

Biden's lead in Arizona tightens as more ballots processed in Maricopa County

863d ago / 12:53 AM UTC

Trump loyalists given top Pentagon roles after several officials resign following Esper's ouster

863d ago / 12:25 AM UTC

First lady hasn't connected with Jill Biden about transition


863d ago / 10:54 PM UTC

Biden says he'll do 'anything we can' for Georgia Senate candidates


863d ago / 10:49 PM UTC

Biden hopes to announce some Cabinet picks in next two weeks

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863d ago / 10:12 PM UTC

Biden calls Trump's failure to concede 'an embarrassment'

863d ago / 9:43 PM UTC

Democrat Cal Cunningham concedes to Sen. Thom Tillis in North Carolina race

863d ago / 8:23 PM UTC

863d ago / 8:09 PM UTC

Republicans who have broken with Trump to congratulate Biden on his win

863d ago / 7:03 PM UTC

Smirking Pompeo says there will be a transition to a 'second Trump administration'


863d ago / 6:07 PM UTC

Biden gets congratulatory calls from European leaders Johnson, Macron and Merkel


863d ago / 4:39 PM UTC

House chairs direct Trump administration to preserve records related to investigations

863d ago / 4:32 PM UTC
863d ago / 4:07 PM UTC

Ossoff warns health care protections are on the line in expected Georgia runoffs

863d ago / 3:54 PM UTC

Watchdog group finds no evidence to support Trump's election fraud claims

863d ago / 2:22 PM UTC

FIRST READ: In appeasing Trump, the GOP toys with a constitutional crisis

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863d ago / 2:11 PM UTC

Trump expected to launch leadership PAC

863d ago / 2:02 PM UTC

Rep. Doug Collins calls on Georgia officials to conduct vote recount by hand

863d ago / 1:35 PM UTC

HHS Secretary: Coronavirus 'general vaccination' programs by spring

863d ago / 1:32 PM UTC
863d ago / 1:28 PM UTC

Some publishers cool to post-White House book by Trump

863d ago / 11:21 AM UTC
863d ago / 11:20 AM UTC

There's a plan afoot to replace the Electoral College, and your state may already be part of it

863d ago / 11:18 AM UTC

Even with a vaccine, U.S. economy faces long path toward recovery

863d ago / 11:16 AM UTC
863d ago / 11:15 AM UTC

Trump aides fret about damage from refusal to accept loss

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863d ago / 11:14 AM UTC

McConnell shrugs off Trump concession delay