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Nov. 12 highlights: The Biden-Harris transition continues

Biden was projected to win Arizona, according to NBC News, extending his lead in the Electoral College to 290-217.
Image: Donald Trump and Joe Biden on a background of red and blue ripples with white stars.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

The presidential transition continues its rocky course on Thursday with President Donald Trump still refusing to concede the election and President-elect Joe Biden putting forward more plans for his administration.

Trump met with several top aides on Wednesday to discuss a path forward as the vote count in several key states winds down. Biden, meanwhile, picked up another win in Arizona, NBC News projected, which brings his lead in the Electoral College to 290-217. There are only two states that have not yet been called: Georgia and North Carolina.

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Trump may accept results but never concede he lost, aides say

Republicans who have broken with Trump to congratulate Biden on his win

More people who attended Trump's election night party test positive for Covid

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RNC chief of staff tests positive for Covid-19

633d ago / 5:50 PM UTC

Republic National Committee chief of staff Richard Walters has tested positive for coronavirus, according to a GOP official.

The RNC says it is following CDC guidance and notifying staff who came into contact with him about their potential exposure.

Unlike other Trump allies who have recently tested positive, Walters was not at the White House election night party.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel tested positive for Covid-19 last month.

Corey Lewandowski the latest member of Trump circle to test positive for Covid-19

634d ago / 5:25 PM UTC

Corey Lewandowski, who has been a part of President Trump campaign’s legal challenges, has tested positive for Covid-19, a source familiar with the diagnosis tells NBC News.

Lewandowski confirmed the diagnosis in text message to CNBC, saying, "I feel great."

Lewandowski is the latest person to test positive for the virus after attended last week's Election Night party at the White House. His diagnosis follows chief of staff Mark Meadows and Housing, Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson and several White House staffers.

Lewandowski was also in Philadelphia, in recent days, including at the news conference last Saturday at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping with Rudy Giuliani and Pam Bondi.

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634d ago / 5:08 PM UTC

Schumer calls on Trump, GOP to stop their 'temper tantrum' over the election results

634d ago / 4:52 PM UTC

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced President Donald Trump and Republicans on Thursday for sowing doubt in and refusing to accept the presidential election results.

“The election is not in doubt," Schumer said at joint news conference with Pelosi on Capitol Hill. "This is nothing more than a temper tantrum by Republicans, nothing more than a pathetic political performance for an audience of one: President Donald John Trump.”

Schumer said the results of the 2020 presidential election cannot be compared to the 2000 election, which came down to Florida and a difference of several hundred votes.

“Joe Biden's victory in the Electoral College has been secured by several states, where tens of thousands of votes separate the candidates," he said. "Joe Biden leads Wisconsin by 20,000, Pennsylvania ... 50,000, Michigan ... 146,000. That's the facts. Biden's won. Nothing Republicans or Trump can do will change that.”

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Republicans who have broken with Trump to congratulate Biden on his win

634d ago / 2:06 PM UTC

A small but growing group of prominent Republicans have broken with President Trump and the rest of their party in congratulating President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their projected election victory.

Trump has refused to concede the race, and the vast majority of Republicans in Congress and elsewhere have yet to acknowledge the Democrats' win. 

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine is the latest Republican to refer to Biden as the president-elect.

Read the full list of Republicans who have publicly acknowledged the former vice president is the winner of the election.

FIRST READ: The path to 270 is changing, fast

, , and

634d ago / 1:49 PM UTC

In 2004, George W. Bush won Colorado by more than 4 percentage points and Virginia by 8 points, while winning the presidency by capturing Ohio by some 100,000 votes.

Sixteen years later — and with still not all the vote in — President-elect Joe Biden won Colorado by more than 13 points and carried Virginia by 10 points, while outgoing President Donald Trump appears to have won Ohio by 8 points for a second-straight cycle.

It’s all a reminder that electoral maps aren’t forever.

With changing demographics, education levels and political coalitions, how our states break in presidential elections aren’t set in stone.

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634d ago / 1:46 PM UTC

Biden wants to scrap Betsy DeVos' rules on sexual assault in schools. It won't be easy.

634d ago / 1:44 PM UTC
Photo illustration of University of Rochester and Betsy deVos with feminism symbol overlaid.
Adam Maida for NBC News / Getty Images

The Biden administration will have limited options to scrap Title IX regulations implemented three months ago that control how schools deal with sexual assault cases.

The Trump administration's rules, which were opposed by anti-rape activists and K-12 and college administrators, gave more rights to students accused of assault and restricted how schools are allowed to investigate sexual misconduct allegations.

Proponents of the new rules, including Republicans and the civil liberties nonprofit Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, celebrated them as a balanced approach to the gender equity law Title IX. But Democrats and advocates for assault victims, including the National Women's Law Center, argued that the regulations would discourage students from reporting assaults.

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634d ago / 1:39 PM UTC

'Ohio has taken a different turn': Ohio no longer appears to be a swing state

634d ago / 1:37 PM UTC
Joe Biden speaks at a drive-in get out the vote event at Burke Lakefront Airport on Nov. 2, 2020 in Cleveland.Jim Watson / AFP - Getty Images

CINCINNATI — President-elect Joe Biden is the first person to win the presidency without carrying Ohio since 1960.

Biden's victory, and the matter in which he won, left many political pundits wondering what it means for the bellwether state moving forward.

"I think that Ohio really isn't a representative of the whole country the way that it once was," said Mark Caleb Smith, a professor of political science at Cedarville University in Ohio.

"Ohio now is a much more red state than it is a purple state," Smith said. "If you look at recent elections, statewide, presidential or gubernatorial, Republicans have done extremely well. I just think that means Ohio has taken a different turn. I think Ohio has shifted a little bit and it's no longer that middle part of the country — it's probably a little more on the right, traditional, conservative side."

Some national political experts take it a step further.

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U.S.-Saudi ties were especially close under Trump. Under Biden, that looks likely to change


634d ago / 1:34 PM UTC
Image: President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
President Donald Trump shakes hands with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Oval Office of the White House in 2018.Mandel Ngan / AFP - Getty Images file

When President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia on his first official foreign visit in 2017, he was showered with pageantry and flanked by a herd of horsemen carrying Saudi and American flags.

The relationship between the two countries has remained cozy throughout his administration.

But as Joe Biden prepares to become the 46th president, it is improbable that he will make Riyadh a repeat port of call.

Biden has pledged to "reassess" the U.S. relationship with the oil-rich, deeply conservative kingdom, and Saudi Arabia is likely to have a less privileged and personal relationship with the Biden administration than it has had with the Trump team, some analysts say.

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GOP Sen. Lankford: 'I will step in' if GSA doesn't certify election by Friday for Biden to receive intel briefings


634d ago / 12:02 PM UTC

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., said Wednesday that if the General Services Administration doesn't start allowing President-elect Joe Biden to receive intelligence briefings as the president-elect by Friday, he will step in. 

"There is no loss from him getting the briefings and to be able to do that. And if that's not occurring by Friday, I will step in as well and to be able to push them and say this needs to occur, so that regardless of the outcome of the election, whichever way that it goes, people can be ready for that actual task," Lankford said in an interview with Tulsa’s KRMG Radio. 

Lankford joined some of his other Republican colleagues, saying that the transition process should begin and the "GSA has to certify that election to start turning it around. The first day they can do that on the calendar is Friday."

"There's nothing wrong with Vice President Biden getting the briefings to be able to prepare himself and so that he can be ready," Lankford said.

State Dept. not passing on messages to Biden from foreign leaders


634d ago / 11:56 AM UTC

Trump administration officials are not passing on messages to President-elect Joe Biden from foreign officials who reach out through traditional diplomatic channels to convey their congratulations to him, two current and one former official told NBC News.

The messages have been piling at the State Department due to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's refusal to move forward with the transition until that's been authorized by the General Services Administration, which has so far refused to budge.

The story was first reported by CNN.

Meanwhile, Biden has been able to maneuver around this roadblock and has received some congratulatory phone calls, including from the leaders of Australia, Japan and the Republic of Korea on Wednesday evening.

NBC News reported earlier this week that U.S. missions abroad have received no clear guidance from Washington about how they should communicate with foreign governments about the election and President Donald Trump's decision not to concede the election, according to two U.S. officials in overseas posts familiar with the matter.  

Pompeo also held a call last week with politically-appointed ambassadors to discuss the current situation, current and former state department official confirmed to NBC News. Career ambassadors did not participate, the officials said.

Biden picks longtime aide Ron Klain as chief of staff

, , and

634d ago / 11:36 AM UTC

President-elect Joe Biden named Ron Klain, a veteran of Capitol Hill, to be his White House chief of staff, the transition team said Wednesday.

Klain is a longtime Democratic operative who has strong ties to Biden, largely as his former chief of staff during Biden’s first years as vice president. He also coordinated the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola outbreak, giving him both familiarity with Biden and important credentials as the Covid-19 response will consume Biden’s opening months. 

Since being the projected winner of the presidential race, Biden has been focused on building a team that will enter the White House with him on Inauguration Day as he looks to fill several thousand jobs in his administration, people familiar with the process told NBC News. 

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634d ago / 11:33 AM UTC

Biden's key immigration policies face uphill battle

634d ago / 11:20 AM UTC

The incoming Biden administration has promised to unroll President Donald Trump's legacy on immigration, but it faces an uphill battle to make good on that promise.

Three people involved in crafting Biden's immigration platform said that the changes will be hard-fought and that they may not happen all at once.

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Travel industry shows signs of perking up after vaccine news, Biden victory

634d ago / 11:19 AM UTC

The travel industry has lost $443 billion since the coronavirus took hold in March, according to the U.S. Travel Association, an industry nonprofit.

While those losses are sure to increase as the recent spike in Covid-19 infection rates keeps many travelers grounded, some industry experts say they are buoyed by President-elect Joe Biden's incoming administration and positive vaccine news from Pfizer.

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Big money rolling into Georgia ahead of marquee Senate battle

634d ago / 11:16 AM UTC

Georgia Senate hopefuls have already begun booking millions of dollars on the television airwaves ahead of the likely two runoffs there in early January that could decide the balance of power of the Senate. 

As of Wednesday, Democratic Rev. Raphael Warnock has $2.6 million booked on the airwaves for the runoff, according to data from the ad-tracking firm Advertising Analytics. His opponent, Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, just started booking TV time on Wednesday — about $200,000 with more expected. 

In the other possible runoff, which NBC News has not called, GOP Sen. David Perdue has already booked a whopping $10.6 million to Democrat Jon Ossoff's $1.6 million. 

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How concessions have smoothed presidential transitions in the past

634d ago / 11:15 AM UTC