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Highlights and analysis from Election Day 2020

Presidential election results as ballots are counted in key swing states for President Trump and Joe Biden. Get live coverage and electoral vote updates.
Watch NBC News special election coverage
Watch NBC News special election coverage

Election Day is over, with polls having closed across the country and officials processing both in-person and mail-in ballots.

As Tuesday bled into Wednesday, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden were running a tight race. Trump was projected to win some key battleground states such as Florida, Ohio and Texas, while Biden was projected to win New Hampshire and Minnesota. Meanwhile, election officials in three other key states, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona, still have millions of ballots to count.

This live coverage has ended. Continue reading election news from November 4, 2020.

Read live updates below:

761d ago / 12:53 AM UTC

Vote Watch: Absentee ballot count will be delayed in Fulton County, Georgia

Officials at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia, have announced that the absentee ballot count will be delayed after a pipe burst in the room containing the ballots. Fulton County is Georgia’s most populous county and includes Atlanta. 

The issue with the pipe was fixed within two hours. According to Fulton County spokesperson Regina Waller, none of the ballots or machinery were damaged. 

Fulton County said in a statemen, "Tonight Fulton County will report results for approximately 86,000 absentee ballots, as well as Election Day and Early Voting results. These represent the vast majority of ballots cast within Fulton County."

The county still plans on counting all ballots Tuesday night. However, Waller did not give an estimated time of completion. The county did not anticipate having all absentee ballots counted on Election Night.

761d ago / 12:53 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: In Maine, voters divided on ranked-choice voting

As Maine becomes the first state to use ranked-choice voting in its highly competitive Senate race Tuesday, voters in the state are divided about the new voting method.  

According to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters in Maine, 47 percent say they support ranked-choice voting, while 46 percent oppose it.

But there are stark divides among each candidate’s voters on the adoption of ranked-choice voting: Among those who support Democratic Senate challenger Sara Gideon, 71 percent support the new voting method while 20 percent oppose.

The pattern is the reverse among voters who back Republican incumbent Susan Collins: Just 20 percent of her voters support the policy, while 76 percent oppose it.

761d ago / 12:47 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: 3 in 10 Biden voters say opposition to Trump drove their choice

Voters for Joe Biden were more than twice as likely as voters for President Trump to say that their choice for president was driven by opposition to the other candidate. 

According to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters, more than 3 in 10 Biden voters said their vote for Biden was mainly against Trump. In contrast, just 15 percent of Trump voters said they cast their ballot against Biden. 

And more Trump voters (80 percent) said their vote was in support of the president. This compares with 63 percent of Biden voters who said they cast their ballot in support of the Democratic candidate.

761d ago / 12:44 AM UTC

Vote Watch: 14,000 ballots won't be counted in one S.C. county Tuesday night because of printing error


In South Carolina's Dorchester County, 14,000 mail-in ballots won't be counted Tuesday night because of a printing error. 

The mistake was noticed when they tried to scan the mail-in ballots during the day, according to a spokesman for the state's Board of Elections. The county has to come up with a solution to the problem by Wednesday morning.

Dorchester County is outside of Charleston, which voted for Trump in 2016, 56 percent to 38 percent.

The state's Senate race between GOP incumbent Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison is competitive.

761d ago / 12:42 AM UTC

Postal Service ordered to sweep its facilities for ballots

A federal judge ordered Postal Service inspectors to "sweep" postal service facilities this afternoon “to ensure that no ballots have been held up and that any identified ballots are immediately sent out for delivery.”

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan's order covers 12 Postal Service regions, including in swing states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Florida and Arizona and came after the federal mail agency said 300,000 ballots it had received had not been scanned for delivery — though just because they weren't scanned doesn't mean they weren't delivered, postal officials say.

The Postal Service did not meet its 3 p.m. deadline to finish the sweep, but it said it started "all clear" sweeps to check for election mail, including voter registration, absentee ballot requests and absentee ballots, in January 2020. It said the Postal Inspection Service, essentially the mail police, had stationed hundreds of its agents to conduct daily reviews of all 220 of its facilities since Oct. 29. 

The NAACP, one of the groups that filed the case, said it was "grateful Judge Sullivan is requiring the USPS to take all actions necessary to ensure ballots are delivered on time."

"There is no room for error," NAACP President Derrick Johnson said. "Some state deadlines are tonight and the ballots must arrive. The Postal Service must comply fully with this order or be held in contempt.” 

Sullivan denied the NAACP's request for an emergency conference after the Postal Service did not meet the court's deadline, but he certified that all the sorting facilities were being swept for overlooked or mishandled ballots until 8 p.m.

The judge did tell the agency's lawyers to plan for a hearing at noon Wednesday discuss their failure to meet his earlier deadline. 

761d ago / 12:40 AM UTC

Trump campaign, Nevada GOP file emergency motion to limit processing of mail-in ballots

The Trump campaign and the Nevada Republican Party filed an emergency motion Tuesday afternoon, asking the state Supreme Court to stop processing some mail-in ballots in Clark County. 

Citing the potential for ballot manipulation, the motion requests the state’s highest court to stop election officials in Clark County, home to Las Vegas and the largest population in the state, from using a signature match software. The motion also asks the court to stop processing the mail-in ballots until the appeals can be heard and observation can be increased of the county’s ballot tabulation system. 

The emergency motion was filed a day after a Nevada district court judge issued an order rejecting the campaign and the Nevada GOP’s joint lawsuit filed in October, that claimed potential issues with the county’s signature verification system and its ballot processing procedures.

District Court Judge James Wilson’s order Monday stated that parties did “not have standing to bring these claims.”

761d ago / 12:40 AM UTC

'Get people back to work': Mississippi voters say economy is top issue

JACKSON, Miss. — In a suburb outside Mississippi's largest city, President Trump remains popular with many voters. 

Roughly 75 percent of voters in Rankin County, a Republican stronghold in the state, backed Trump in 2016. Polls are set to close in the state at 8 p.m. ET.

At the Oakdale Baptist Church voting location, Tip Dyess, 53, said he wants Trump re-elected “to keep our economy strong."

The state has an unemployment rate of about 7 percent, according to the most recent projections from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security for September.

Loretta Paits lacks Dyess' confidence.

Sitting outside the polling location in a lawn chair as she waited for a friend to vote, she shared that she favored Joe Biden’s plan to "get people back to work." Mississippi has one of the nation's highest uninsured rates, and Paits said she hopes Biden will reform health care in "a way that benefits everybody."

As masked voters walked past, the coronavirus pandemic was also on Paits' mind.

"I pray that he gets a vaccination," she said of Biden.

761d ago / 12:39 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Trump voters divided on whether mask-wearing is a public responsibility

As the handling of the coronavirus becomes a flashpoint in the 2020 presidential election, Trump voters are divided on the use of masks.

Among the president's voters, 50 percent say wearing a mask is a public health responsibility while a similar share (47 percent) say they are more of a personal choice.

According to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters, an overwhelming majority of voters nationwide say that wearing a mask is more of a public health responsibility (68 percent). Just 3 in 10 say mask-wearing is a personal choice.  

A sizable share of Biden’s voters see mask wearing as a duty to the public: 83 percent say it’s a public health responsibility while just 14 percent say it is a personal choice.

761d ago / 12:32 AM UTC

Analysis: Trump gets huge boost in Miami-Dade County in Florida

President Trump has improved over his raw vote total in Miami-Dade County in Florida by more than 100,000 votes with ballots still to be counted. Trump has more than 457,000 votes compared to 334,000 in Miami-Dade four years ago. 

That's with about 84 percent of precincts reporting. Biden is within about 10,000 votes of Hillary Clinton's total at the moment. The Miami-Dade area includes much of Florida's Cuban American community, which Trump had pinpointed as a constituency that could help him carry Florida again.

In some counties, Biden already has outpaced Clinton's numbers. But nothing so far is as dramatic as Trump's boost in Miami-Dade.

761d ago / 12:30 AM UTC

Swing states Ohio, North Carolina too early to call

Ohio and North Carolina, two closely watched swing states, are too early to call, NBC News projects.

761d ago / 12:27 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Biden favored by Virginians on issues of coronavirus, economy

Polls are now closed in Virginia. While the race is too early to call according to the NBC News Decision Desk, early returns show former Vice President Joe Biden is leading.  

One issue on the minds of Virginia voters and elsewhere is the pandemic: 56 percent of Virginia voters see U.S. efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic as going badly. Just 42 percent think the handling of the pandemic has been going well.

The NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters found that most Virginians who’ve cast a ballot see Biden as the candidate better able to handle the coronavirus pandemic by a margin of 57 to 38.

Biden is also edging out President Trump with Virginia voters as the candidate better able to handle the economy, 52 to 45.

761d ago / 12:26 AM UTC
761d ago / 12:25 AM UTC

Biden wins Vermont, NBC News projects

NBC News projects Biden as the winner in Vermont, an outcome that was widely predicted.

761d ago / 12:23 AM UTC

Road to 270: Finish the map on our interactive page

It will take at least 270 electoral votes to win the 2020 presidential election. Finish the 2020 map on our interactive page by clicking or tapping an individual state or toggle in order to move it to red or blue. States where NBC News has projected a winner cannot be changed.

761d ago / 12:22 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Ohio voters support Trump's approach to the economy

The economy has always been an area of strength for President Trump, and his approach continues to resonate with Ohio voters. According to the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters, Ohio voters say Trump would handle the economy better than Joe Biden by a 14-point margin, 56 percent to 42 percent.

Ohio voters are also more aligned with Trump’s philosophy on the coronavirus pandemic than voters are nationally. In Ohio, voters are about evenly divided between those who say that containing the coronavirus, even if it hurts the economy, is more important (47 percent), and those who say that rebuilding the economy now, even if it hurts efforts to contain the coronavirus, is more important (48 percent). By contrast, voters nationally stress the importance of containing the coronavirus by a 10-point margin.

The GOP also has a built-in partisan advantage in Ohio: According to the exit poll, self-described Republican voters in Ohio outnumber Democrats 40 to 30 percent. Nationally, Democrats slightly outnumber Republicans 38 to 35 percent. 

761d ago / 12:17 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: In Georgia, Biden reverses slide in Democrats' performance among white voters

President Trump is winning solid support from white voters in Georgia, but results from the NBC News Exit Poll indicate that Democrat Joe Biden is doing better among these voters than any Democrat in decades. The exit poll was conducted with representative sample of the state’s early and Election Day voters. Georgia remained too early to call when polls closed in the state at 7 p.m. ET.

This year, Georgia and its 16 electoral votes emerged as a battleground for the first time in decades. Both Biden and Trump visited the state in the final week before Election Day, and both campaigns also spent millions of dollars on television ads aimed at Georgia voters. One of the reasons for the state’s newfound competitiveness is that Georgia’s white voters have reversed their decadeslong shift toward the Republican Party. 

While Trump leads Biden solidly among whites in Georgia, 68 percent to 30 percent, this margin is substantially slimmer than in 2016, when Trump amassed a 75 percent to 21 percent gap over Democrat Hillary Clinton among these voters. In fact, no Democrat has performed as well as Biden with Georgia white voters since Bill Clinton did in his first bid for the presidency in 1992 — the last time a Democrat won the state.

Biden’s gains among whites are keeping things competitive in Georgia, but most of his support is coming from the state’s voters of color, who made up 40 percent of the electorate there this year. Biden is overwhelming Trump among these voters, 81 percent to 17 percent.


761d ago / 12:17 AM UTC

Gay bars in Houston, San Francisco transform into polling sites

Buddy's, an LGBTQ bar in Houston, transformed itself into a polling location on Tuesday. 

"It’s been wonderful! The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. The poll workers are excited. There’s a lot of great energy. We’re all very excited about the whole process," Chris Barry, the bar's owner, told NBC News shortly before the polls closed. 

Located in Houston's gay-friendly Montrose neighborhood, Buddy's brought in 14 voting booths where anyone registered to vote in Harris County, the most populous county in Texas, can cast their ballot until 7 p.m. CT.

Image: Voters line up at a polling station on Election Day in Houston
Voters leave Buddy's on Election Day in Houston.Callaghan O'Hare / Reuters


The tagline for Buddy's Election Day event — which is expected to have cocktails, karaoke and drag queens — is "Vote in the front. Party in the back!"

In a post shared to its Facebook page, the venue claims to be the "world's 1st presidential polling location from an LGBTQ+ bar." 

However, it has company: The Eagle, a gay leather bar in San Francisco, is also letting voters cast their ballots at the venue, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The paper reported that voters filled out their ballots "under chains hanging from pitch black ceilings" as a "disco ball spun overhead."

761d ago / 12:17 AM UTC

Lumber yards see record sales for plywood as stores, businesses board up

Construction crews board up shop windows in downtown Portland, Ore., on Election Day.
Construction crews board up shop windows in downtown Portland, Ore., on Election Day.Alisha Jucevic / for NBC News

Retailers rushing to board up their windows in preparation for political unrest have led to record sales at building supply companies across the country’s largest cities. 

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my 14 years with the company,” John Torres, a salesman with Prince Lumber in New York City, said. 

Over the weekend, the company sold more than 500 pieces of plywood. The last time demand reached that level was in June in response to looting and property damage during demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, he said.

“The only thing we know is that people are really scared of what’s going to happen,” he said. “The phone is still ringing.”

Storefront businesses across the country from Lululemon to Louis Vuitton have boarded up their windows to protect themselves from potential unrest around the election. 

Over the last month, work orders for plywood have poured in to local supply companies. Between Oct. 5 and Nov. 2, 906 stores ordered preventive board-up or additional security in advance of the election, according to ServiceChannel, a software company that connects real estate businesses with local commercial contractors.

761d ago / 12:14 AM UTC

Kornacki: Early and mail-in voting turnout high, but keep an eye on same-day voting

761d ago / 12:11 AM UTC

Georgia, Virginia Senate races too close to call

NBC rates the Senate races in Virginia and Georgia as too close to call. 

In Virginia, Democrat Sen. Mark Warner is leading against his GOP challenger, Daniel Gade, NBC News projects.

There are two Senate races in Georgia that political observers are paying close attention to as Democrats hope to flip the traditionally red state.

In one race, Democrat Jon Ossof is facing off against Republican incumbent Sen. David Perdue. The other race is a special election to fill the seat vacated by Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson, who resigned last year. It features Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler who was appointed to her seat after Isakson resigned, and Republican Rep. Doug Collins, who is challenging her. 

On the Democratic side is Raphael Warnock, a local pastor. In both Georgia races, candidates must reach 50 percent to avoid a runoff 

761d ago / 12:10 AM UTC

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb wins re-election, NBC News projects

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb will win his second term as chief executive of the Hoosier State, NBC News projects.

Holcomb had been leading Democrat  Dr. Woody Myers by double digits in recent polls. 

Image: Eric Holcomb
Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb participates in a debate on Oct. 27 in Indianapolis.Darron Cummings / AP


Holcomb won the governorship in 2016, taking the place of Mike Pence, who left office to run alongside then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. This was the fifth consecutive gubernatorial win for the GOP in Indiana. 

761d ago / 12:05 AM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Moderates swing heavily for Sen. Lindsey Graham's Democratic challenger in South Carolina

Moderates are supporting Democrat Jaime Harrison over three-term Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham in the hotly contested Senate race in South Carolina, according to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters. This election was too early to call when polls closed in South Carolina at 7 p.m. ET. 

Moderates, who make up 38 percent of the South Carolina electorate this year, lined up solidly behind the Democrat, giving Harrison 60 percent to 38 percent for Graham, the poll found. Not surprisingly, conservatives are overwhelmingly breaking for Graham (82 percent to 17 percent), while Harrison has built sky-high support (92 percent to 8 percent) among liberals.

Harrison’s base in South Carolina includes Black voters (among whom he leads, 93 percent to 7 percent) and those with annual incomes of less than $30,000 (70 percent to 29 percent). Key elements of Graham’s coalition include white evangelicals (among whom he leads 82 percent to 16 percent) and veterans (71 percent to 28 percent).

761d ago / 12:04 AM UTC

Passionate displays but few problems reported at Houston voting sites

HOUSTON — With less than an hour left until polls close in Harris County, pro-Trump and pro-Biden demonstrators lined up on opposite sides of a busy road at one of Houston’s most popular voting sites.

From one side of West Gray Street, a young man holding a Trump flag yelled, “Covid is a hoax!”

From the other side came a sarcastic reply, from a college student in a Biden mask: “Cover your mouth!”

Despite the passionate displays as voting winds down here, a police official said both sides have remained peaceful, and there have been no reports of major issues at any of the 800 Harris County voting sites today.

“At this point, I'm just eager for them to start counting the votes,” Adam Tran, 64, said as he waved a Trump flag as the sun set in Houston. “I think everyone is.”

761d ago / 12:02 AM UTC

Kentucky, South Carolina Senate races too close to call, NBC News projects

As polls close in Kentucky and South Carolina, NBC News rates the Senate races there as too close to call. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, is facing off against Democrat Amy McGrath in Kentucky. GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham is facing off against Democrat Jaime Harrison.

Both races have seen a flood of money to Democrats and observers are watching to see how much that makes a difference in these traditionally red states. 


761d ago / 12:01 AM UTC
761d ago / 12:00 AM UTC

Trump wins Indiana. Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia too early to call

Trump opens up Election Day with a victory in Indiana, NBC News projects. The president won Indiana handily in 2016.

Meanwhile, NBC News rates the presidential race in Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia and South Carolina as too early to call, with Joe Biden leading in Virginia. Election observers have their eye on Georgia as a swing state to watch early.

761d ago / 11:56 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Abortion opponents and abortion rights supporters care equally about the Supreme Court

Abortion opponents and abortion rights supporters may not agree on much, but they appear to see eye to eye on one thing: the extent to which the Supreme Court was on their minds when casting ballots in 2020. Early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters found majorities on both sides of the abortion debate saying appointments to the Supreme Court were an “important factor” in their vote this year. 


Among abortion rights supporters (those who say abortion should be legal in all or most cases), 62 percent said that the court was an important factor in their 2020 presidential vote. That number is nearly the same among abortion opponents (who say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases), 61 percent of whom said appointments to the court were a key factor in their vote.

The court loomed large during the 2020 presidential campaign after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death in September and the Senate confirmation of President Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett one week before the election.

Although America is closely divided on the issue of abortion, slightly more voters (51 percent) say abortion should be legal in all or most cases than those who say it should be illegal (42 percent).


761d ago / 11:51 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Slim majority of voters want Affordable Care Act kept intact

A slim majority of Americans (52 percent) would prefer that the Supreme Court keep the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, as it is, according to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters. Forty-two percent of voters would prefer to see the court overturn the 2010 health care law. 

Support for Obamacare is higher among low-income voters than middle and high-income voters. Among voters with family incomes under $50,000, 62 percent would like the Supreme Court to keep the law as is. By contrast, among voters with family income between $50,000 and $100,000, 53 percent favor overturning the law. 

ACA exit poll

While health care policy was cited by voters as the most influential issue of the 2018 midterm election, this year it has been eclipsed by the economy, the coronavirus pandemic and racial injustice. Only about 1 in 10 voters this year cited health care policy as the issue mattering most in deciding their vote for president.

761d ago / 11:46 PM UTC

Photo: Crowd gathers near the White House

Protesters gather on Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House on election night.Ting Shen / for NBC News
761d ago / 11:45 PM UTC

Trump visits campaign staff in final hours of 2020 race

761d ago / 11:45 PM UTC

Georgia county extends voting hours till 9 p.m.

A court ordered Spalding County, Georgia, polling sites to stay open for an additional two hours Tuesday after the county's computers went down in the morning.

The polls in Spalding will close at 9 p.m., instead of the previously scheduled 7 p.m. Earlier Tuesday, the sheriff posted that "the computers at all polling locations across Spalding County are down," before updating later that the problem had been resolved and lines were short.

761d ago / 11:43 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: In North Carolina, Black and white voters prioritize different issues

As the Biden and Trump campaigns compete in the Tar Heel State, the Biden campaign will look to turn out Black voters there. Trump, meanwhile, will look to shore up support among white evangelicals and white Americans with no college degree.

Early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters in North Carolina show that white and Black voters have starkly different views when it comes to the most important voting issues.

While a plurality of white voters in North Carolina (46 percent) say that the economy is the most important issue to their vote, 48 percent of Black voters point to racial inequality as a top 2020 voting issue. 

761d ago / 11:42 PM UTC

'I already cried twice today. It’s a whole thing'

LOS ANGELES — Estrella Cruz, 30, carried her chihuahua mix named Hero out of Wiltern Theatre in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon with the rest of her day planned out now that she had voted. She intended to relax in a bath, order Korean food for dinner, and watch the election returns trickle in while drinking margaritas. 

“I cleared my day today,” Cruz said. “I’ve just had nausea, anxiety — I woke up at 4 o’clock this morning. I’m calling people, asking, ‘How are you?’ I already cried twice today. It’s a whole thing.” 

Voting at the Wiltern Theatre, like many places in Los Angeles, was pretty easy on Tuesday. Lines were short, if there were any at all, because 3.1 million people in the county — over half of all registered voters — had already submitted a ballot before election day, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s Office. 

But throughout the city, businesses had been boarding up their windows in anticipation of possible rioting after election day. 

Eugene Lee, 30, said a big reason why he voted for Biden and Kamala Harris was his hope that they could help ease some of the festering tensions nationwide.

“They seem more reliable as leaders and I think we’ll see more peace within the country with them,” Lee said.

761d ago / 11:40 PM UTC

Decriminalizing small amounts of hard drugs on the ballot in Oregon

Oregon voters on Tuesday are considering a ballot measure that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Volunteers deliver signed petitions in favor of Measure 110 in Salem, Ore., on June 26, 2020.
Volunteers deliver signed petitions in favor of Measure 110 in Salem, Ore., on June 26, 2020.Yes on Measure 110 Campaign via AP


If Measure 110 passes, Oregon would be the nation's first state to take such action.

While proponents of Measure 110 say the proposal will prioritize addiction treatment, opponents fear it'll lead to societal acceptance of dangerous drugs.

761d ago / 11:40 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: About 1 in 10 Pennsylvania voters say state makes voting hard

Voters in Pennsylvania are twice as likely as voters nationwide to say that their state makes voting difficult, according to early data from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters.

While the vast majority of voters in Pennsylvania and across the country said their state makes it easy for them to vote, the poll found that 12 percent of voters in Pennsylvania said the key battleground state makes voting difficult, compared to 6 percent who said the same nationally. The question was not asked in every state, but another place with a higher share saying the state makes voting difficult was Georgia (14 percent).   

Pennsylvania voters exit poll

In both Pennsylvania and Georgia, voters in large cities and suburbs were much more likely to say that their state makes voting difficult, compared to voters in small cities and rural areas. In Pennsylvania, for example, 18 percent of voters in cities with populations over 50,000 said the state makes voting difficult. By contrast, only 4 percent of small city and rural Pennsylvania voters expressed that view.

761d ago / 11:39 PM UTC

Early Georgia exit polls show a near-even split

761d ago / 11:32 PM UTC

Vote Watch: Multiple agencies investigating robocalls that hit numerous states

Multiple agencies are investigating a series of robocalls that have reached Americans across the country, urging them to stay home.

In one such call, a robotic female voice says, "This is just a test call. Time to stay home. Time to stay home. Stay safe and stay home." 

In a press call Tuesday, a senior official at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said that "the FBI is investigating," but cautioned that "robocalls happen every election." The FBI confirmed in an email they were tracking reports of robocalls.

New York Attorney General Letitia James also announced her office was investigating the calls, as did two commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission, Jessica Rosenworcel and Geoffrey Starks.

761d ago / 11:31 PM UTC

Georgia Secretary of State: Results tallied as early as tonight

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told NBC News that he expects to have results tallied as early as Tuesday night — or by Wednesday at noon “at the very latest."

He pointed to record high early voting turnout as a reason he predicts Georgia results will be tallied "faster than many other states." On the short lines statewide — a 2-minute wait on average, his office said this afternoon — he said Tuesday's effort met their high expectations for the election and called this a"great day" for Georgia voters. 

761d ago / 11:30 PM UTC

Trump tweets some early confidence


761d ago / 11:25 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: More voters say coronavirus containment efforts are not going well

As U.S. coronavirus infections topped 9 million confirmed cases this weekend, many voters across the country say efforts to contain the pandemic are not going very well. According to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of Election Day and early voters, 51 percent of voters nationwide say containment efforts are going badly — that includes 35 percent who say they are going very badly.

But voters’ priorities around dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak are divided: 52 percent of voters say it is more important to contain the coronavirus now, even if it hurts the economy. A considerably smaller share (42 percent) says it is more important to rebuild the economy now, even if it hurts efforts to contain the coronavirus.

Biden and Trump voters are divided in their priorities. Biden voters are considerably more likely to say getting case counts under control is more important (79 percent). Trump voters emphasize shoring up the economy (70 percent).

761d ago / 11:20 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Most voters say coronavirus surge was important factor in their choice

As the United States grapples with a surge in coronavirus cases, a majority of voters said rising case counts were an important factor in their vote for president. 

According to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters, 61 percent of those casting ballots said rising coronavirus cases were a significant factor in their vote — including a quarter who said the surge was the most important factor. Only 33 percent of voters said recent spikes in Covid-19 cases were not important to their vote for president.

Coronavirus surge exit poll

Voters who supported Joe Biden were far more likely than President Trump's voters to say that rising coronavirus cases were important to their vote: 83 percent of Biden’s voters said this compared with just 46 percent of Trump voters.

761d ago / 11:13 PM UTC

Trump campaign projects confidence in final hours of voting

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said on a call with reporters Tuesday evening that whatever ground Joe Biden had gained during early voting, Donald Trump was making up for it on Election Day.

"The Biden campaign cannibalized their vote," Stepien said. "They simply moved those who traditionally vote on Election Day to vote early. And to that, we say congratulations.”

Senior campaign adviser Jason Miller addressed the "mood in the room," and said that everyone in the campaign, including the president, felt "more confident" tonight than they did this time four years ago.

Miller also said he was hopeful Trump would win enough electoral votes for the race to be called tonight, throwing cold water on warnings from Democrats and election experts that it could take days to count all of the votes in some close battleground states like Pennsylvania.

761d ago / 11:10 PM UTC

NBC News Exit Poll: Voters say Biden would better handle the coronavirus

As the coronavirus and the economy emerge as important voting issues in the 2020 election, Biden is favored among voters overall to better handle the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters, 53 percent of voters nationwide say Biden would better manage the virus; 42 percent of voters say Trump would do a better job. The Trump administration has faced significant criticism over the president’s handling of the virus, and he has sparred with public officials in recent days as case counts spike across the country.

But as the U.S economy strives to recover from record job losses and an economic downturn this year, Trump and Biden are more competitive among voters on the economy: 49 percent of voters say Biden would better handle the economy, while a nearly identical share say Trump would do a better job (48 percent).

761d ago / 11:07 PM UTC

Why one Nevada Republican says he's voting for Biden

Harry Rosenthal has been a lifelong registered Republican. But when he cast his vote on Election Day in Las Vegas, he voted for former Vice President Joe Biden. 

“I felt it was important to put decency back back into the White House,” said Rosenthal, 44, a civil defense attorney, who cast his ballot in person at a west side polling location in Las Vegas on Tuesday.  “I think there are a lot of Republicans who feel that way.” 

Rosenthal added that he did not vote for President Donald Trump in the 2016 election and considers himself a “never-Trump Republican.”

There are several voters across the country who echo Rosenthal’s sentiment such as those at the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump super PAC made up of mostly Republicans.

“The country is not going in the right direction and Trump is definitely not the right choice to get it back on track,” Rosenthal said. “I’m unsure about Joe Biden, but I’m willing to take that chance.”

761d ago / 10:51 PM UTC

Biden's busy Election Day


This may have just been Joe Biden’s busiest day on the campaign trail to date, with he's making 11 stops between Delaware and Pennsylvania. Of course, none of these should be qualified as rallies given that they were all brief stops in cities that are close to Biden’s heart:

—Wilmington, Delaware: Home for decades.

—Philadelphia: Where he officially launched his presidential campaign & where his HQ is based.

—Scranton, Pennsylvania: Where he was born and lived for the first 10 years of his life.


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NBC News Exit Poll: Nearly half of voters say economy is doing well — a bigger share than in 2016

Despite the economic hit delivered by the coronavirus pandemic, more Americans voting in the 2020 presidential election said the economy is doing well than said the same in 2016, according to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters.

When asked to assess the condition of the nation’s economy, 48 percent of voters said the economy is either “excellent” or “good," compared to 50 percent who said it was either “not so good” or “poor.” These are better numbers for the economy than in 2016, when roughly 6 in 10 voters gave it a negative rating.


Economy exit poll

Compared to the economy as a whole, Americans have sunnier assessments of their own finances. When asked to compare their financial situation to four years ago, only 20 percent said their family’s finances are worse than when President Trump took office; the rest said their finances are the same (38 percent) or better (41 percent).

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Tradition brings several voters out at one Las Vegas polling location

Tradition and ensuring their ballots were counted motivated several voters at one west side Las Vegas polling location to cast their ballots in person on Election Day. 

“It’s been a ritual for me growing up,” said Desiree Solis, 46. She brought her two sons, Maximus, 8, and Viggo, 7, with her to vote at the polling site, located in the Las Vegas Ballpark parking lot in the city’s west side. “I wanted them to experience this process and know how important it is to have your voice be heard.” 

Las Vegas
Desiree Solis, 46, brought her sons, Maximus, 9, and Viggo, 7, when she voted in person in Las Vegas on Election Day.Anita Hassan / NBC News

Nevada lawmakers passed a bill during this summer that gave voters for the first time the choice between voting by mail and going to the polls if the state is under a declaration of disaster or emergency. While about 55 percent of more than 1.1 million votes cast by Tuesday morning in the state were through mail-in ballots, several voters like Solis still came out to the polls on Election Day. 

"This is how I’ve always done it and I think it’s the best way to do it," said Steve Wynn, 50, a registered nurse, who moved to Las Vegas about four months ago. 

Lines at the Las Vegas Ballpark polling location were short, with voters saying they were able to cast their ballots in about 15 minutes. Several voters coming to the location also opted to vote on election day, but by using their mail-in ballots. All Nevada polling locations also double as ballot drop off sites.

“I didn’t want to potentially be in a crowd and wait any amount of time,” said Lisa Silvani, 30, who works in the food and beverage industry. Silvani added that she also felt more secure about dropping off her ballot than using the United States Postal Service. “To me, that’s how there’s the least room for error in making sure it counts.”

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NBC News Exit Poll: Voters look for strong leader, good judgment in presidential candidates

About a third of voters said the quality of a strong leader was most important in their vote for president, according to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters. 

About quarter of voters said showing good judgment was most important, while a fifth said caring for people like them was key, and another fifth said it was important for the candidate to unite the country. 

Candidate quality exit poll

But at the end of the day, about three-quarters of voters said the candidate's position on issues was more important to them than the candidate's personal qualities. 

Read more on the methodology of the NBC News Exit Poll.

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NBC News Exit Poll: Fewer voters in 2020 than 2016 made their decision in final week

After enduring the onslaught of a 2020 campaign during which an estimated $14 billion was spent to convince voters, just 4 percent of Americans say they waited until the week before Election Day to decide on their presidential candidate, according to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters. That’s a substantially smaller share than those who waited until the last minute to decide in 2016, when 13 percent of the electorate waited until the final week to decide on their vote.

Most voters (74 percent) say they made up their mind before the campaign began in earnest on Labor Day. The remainder said they decided sometime in September or October.