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Highlights and analysis from Election Day 2020

Presidential election results as ballots are counted in key swing states for President Trump and Joe Biden. Get live coverage and electoral vote updates.
Watch NBC News special election coverage
Watch NBC News special election coverage

Election Day is over, with polls having closed across the country and officials processing both in-person and mail-in ballots.

As Tuesday bled into Wednesday, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden were running a tight race. Trump was projected to win some key battleground states such as Florida, Ohio and Texas, while Biden was projected to win New Hampshire and Minnesota. Meanwhile, election officials in three other key states, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona, still have millions of ballots to count.

This live coverage has ended. Continue reading election news from November 4, 2020.

Read live updates below:

Biden wins Virginia, NBC News projects

NBC News projects that Biden will win Virginia, an unexpected victory in what has been in the past a swing state.

Biden now holds a 205 to 136 lead over Trump in electoral votes. A total of 270 votes are needed to win the Electoral College.

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, Republican Jim Risch of Idaho win re-election

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, Republican Jim Risch of Idaho win re-election, NBC News projects. 

As of 12 a.m. Wednesday, Warner received 54 percent of the vote, maintaining the Democrats' hold onto the Senate seat there. Similarly, Republicans held onto their seat with Risch, who received 54.9 percent of the vote, as of midnight. 

Polls close on Election Day with no apparent cyber interference

After years of planning and worry, polls closed on Election Day 2020 without the country seeing any substantial public cyberattack.

"I think what you're seeing more than anything is 3½ years of collaboration," said Chris Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA, which is responsible for securing the country's infrastructure cybersecurity. He touted the joint effort with agencies such as the U.S. intelligence community and the Election Assistance Commission.

"The 50 states are working together, sharing information," Krebs said. "From where we came in 2016 to where we are, we have a much better game plan."

The relative success is a stark contrast from that election — before CISA existed in its current form or elections had been designated as critical infrastructure by the Department of Homeland Security — when Russian military intelligence hacked into one state and several county systems.

It's after midnight ET — see where the path to 270 could go

It will take at least 270 electoral votes to win the 2020 presidential election. Finish the 2020 map on our interactive page by clicking or tapping an individual state or toggle in order to move it to red or blue. States where NBC News has projected a winner cannot be changed.

NBC News Exit Poll: Women, college graduates drive Biden's projected Washington state win

Joe Biden has won the state of Washington and its 12 electoral votes, NBC News projects, riding on a wave of strong support from college graduates and women, according to the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters.

Three-quarters of college graduates in Washington voted for Biden, as did two-thirds of female voters in the state. In addition, when Washingtonians were asked to name the issue mattering most to them in this election, Biden was the near unanimous choice of those who named either racial inequality or the coronavirus pandemic.


Reflecting the liberal bent of the state, 70 percent of Washington voters said climate change is a “serious problem,” and 77 percent said they believe racism is an “important problem” in the United States. 

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi wins re-election, NBC News projects

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi wins re-election, NBC News projects

Hyde-Smith had been outraised by her Democratic opponent Mike Espy, a former congressman and the first African American to serve as U.S. agriculture secretary. Espy would have been the state’s first Black senator since Reconstruction.

Hyde-Smith previously defeated Espy in a special election runoff in 2018. She faced a tough re-election challenge as her campaign was marred by accusations of racism. She apologized in her 2018 race after publicly saying that she would “be in the front row” of a “public hanging” if invited by a supporter in a state with a dark history of lynching African Americans. 

NBC News Exit Poll: White voters who didn't graduate college boost Trump in Ohio

President Trump won the state of Ohio for a second time, NBC News projects, largely with the support of white voters who did not graduate college, who make up about half of the electorate in the state.

According to the NBC News Exit Poll of early and Election Day voters, Trump won this group in Ohio by a commanding 35-point margin. Other groups that broke strongly for Trump include rural voters, older voters and men. 


According to the exit poll, a majority of Ohio voters cast their ballot on Election Day, as opposed to in advance. Those Election Day voters broke for Trump by a wide margin, 59 percent to 40 percent. 

NBC News Exit Poll: Despite spike in cases, coronavirus not a top concern for Montana voters

With coronavirus surging in Montana in recent weeks, voters in the state say that pandemic containment efforts have gone badly. By a 13-percentage point margin, more voters say the country has done a bad job getting the virus under control than say those efforts have been going well, according to the NBC News Exit Poll results of early and Election Day voters.

But voters in Montana say other issues are more important to their vote than the pandemic. The exit poll found 3 in 10 voters point to the economy as the most important issue to their vote, while just 15 percent say the coronavirus pandemic is the most important voting issue.

Trump wins Ohio, NBC News projects

NBC News projects Trump will win Ohio, giving him his first swing state victory of the night.

This battleground success gives the president 18 more Electoral College votes. He’s been on the winner’s side here before when he took out Hillary Clinton handily in 2016. Ohio also has a long history of the winner going to the White House. The Buckeye State has gone to the winner of every presidential election since 1964.

Jay Inslee wins third term as Washington governor

Washington voters on Tuesday re-elected Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee to a third term, NBC News projects.

With 86 percent of the vote counted, the one-time presidential candidate Inslee had a healthy lead over GOP challenger Loren Culp, 59.5 percent to 40.5 percent.