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First Presidential debate: Full coverage and fact checks

It was the first time the two candidates faced off on the debate stage after months of tweets and attack ads.


Mar 23, 2023

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will meet during the first presidential debate in Cleveland on Tuesday night.Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden faced off on the debate stage Tuesday for the first time.

The 90-minute debate quickly descended into chaos after Trump began to interrupt both Biden and the moderator, Fox News' Chris Wallace. The night didn't get much calmer from there.

Read highlights from Tuesday's debate below:

904d ago / 3:34 AM UTC

Here’s how the two men who helped Trump prepare for the debate felt about his performance

904d ago / 3:28 AM UTC

Harris denounces Trump's debate performance, says he 'debased' the presidency

904d ago / 3:22 AM UTC

Fact-check: Did Kellyanne Conway say violence and chaos 'help [Trump's] cause?'

904d ago / 3:19 AM UTC

Proud Boys celebrate after Trump's debate callout

904d ago / 3:15 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump falsely accuses Obama of 'spying' on his 2016 campaign

904d ago / 3:03 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump overstates job gains made under his administration

904d ago / 3:01 AM UTC

'Train wreck,' 'Dumpster fire': Journalists and pundits give blistering reactions to first debate

904d ago / 2:59 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump says poll watchers were 'thrown out' in Pennsylvania. What really happened?


904d ago / 2:51 AM UTC

Wallace struggles to end debate

904d ago / 2:50 AM UTC

Fact-check: Did Obama hand Trump the 'slowest recovery' or a 'booming economy'?

904d ago / 2:44 AM UTC

The candidates on whether they would wait to declare victory

904d ago / 2:39 AM UTC

'Rigged': Trump continues, without evidence, to cast doubt on the 2020 election

904d ago / 2:39 AM UTC

Fact check: Did Trump call veterans 'losers'?

904d ago / 2:37 AM UTC

6 debate topics turned into ... 15

904d ago / 2:34 AM UTC

Trump tries to tie Biden to the Green New Deal, which he does not support

904d ago / 2:31 AM UTC

Harris on family talk

904d ago / 2:29 AM UTC

Fact-check: Biden says violent crime fell under Obama, rose under Trump

904d ago / 2:26 AM UTC

'I don't know Beau': Trump dismisses Biden’s dead son, pivots to attacks on Hunter


904d ago / 2:25 AM UTC

Analysis: Relying on white supremacist votes

904d ago / 2:24 AM UTC

Fact-check: Did Biden call Black Americans 'superpredators'?

904d ago / 2:22 AM UTC
904d ago / 2:21 AM UTC

Fact-check: Biden says Trump 'paid a total of $750 in taxes'

904d ago / 2:20 AM UTC

Fact-check: Does Trump support cutting police funding?

904d ago / 2:18 AM UTC

Trump portrays Biden as both too tough and too weak on crime

904d ago / 2:18 AM UTC

Trump balks at denouncing white supremacy

904d ago / 2:17 AM UTC

Trump and Biden struggle to stay on topic ... with 15 minutes left

904d ago / 2:15 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump says he took advantage of a tax code Biden could have fixed

905d ago / 2:10 AM UTC

Biden calls Trump racist

905d ago / 2:10 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump's attacks on Hunter Biden for foreign business dealings

905d ago / 2:08 AM UTC

Head hurt? You're not alone.

905d ago / 2:06 AM UTC

'Racist' jab from Biden gets no response

905d ago / 2:05 AM UTC

Fact-check: Did Trump lower drug prices?

905d ago / 2:04 AM UTC

What the candidates discussed when it came to race

905d ago / 2:00 AM UTC

Trump's anti-China rhetoric led to a surge in pandemic racism against Asian Americans

905d ago / 1:58 AM UTC

Trump leans on a go-to attack: Hunter Biden

905d ago / 1:56 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump says 'no negative effects' from his rallies, ignoring Covid-19 cases

905d ago / 1:55 AM UTC

Biden calls Trump the ‘worst president we’ve ever had’

905d ago / 1:54 AM UTC

Shape of economic recovery

905d ago / 1:51 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump on the Obama administration's response to swine flu

905d ago / 1:49 AM UTC

Trump claims he paid 'millions' in taxes in 2016 and 2017 after New York Times reports he paid $750 each year

905d ago / 1:49 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump says his pandemic response was 'great.' The U.S. leads in cases and deaths.

905d ago / 1:44 AM UTC

Lots of attacks happening — and we're tracking those, too

905d ago / 1:44 AM UTC

Trump defends his large campaign rallies

905d ago / 1:41 AM UTC

Chris Wallace notes public reluctance to take a coronavirus vaccine

905d ago / 1:41 AM UTC

Less than halfway through, it's not Twitter's favorite debate

905d ago / 1:39 AM UTC

Fact-check: How many people are there in the U.S. with pre-existing conditions?

905d ago / 1:37 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump says GOP health plans protect people with pre-existing conditions

905d ago / 1:34 AM UTC

Biden: Trump 'panicked' on Covid-19

905d ago / 1:33 AM UTC

Fact-check: Trump mischaracterizes Biden's health care plan

905d ago / 1:31 AM UTC

'Would you shut up, man?': Biden's attempt to stop Trump's interruptions

905d ago / 1:27 AM UTC

Trump family members ignore mandatory mask rule

905d ago / 1:23 AM UTC

Fact-check: Biden says GOP lawsuit 'will strip 20 million people' of their insurance

905d ago / 1:22 AM UTC

In the first 20 minutes, both candidates stay mostly on topic

905d ago / 1:20 AM UTC

Supreme Court debate turns into a health care battle

905d ago / 1:19 AM UTC

Wallace, who wanted to be 'invisible,' spars with Trump

905d ago / 1:10 AM UTC

First question takes on Supreme Court

905d ago / 1:08 AM UTC

Wallace debunks conservative conspiracy theory off the bat

905d ago / 1:06 AM UTC

Debate moderator Chris Wallace isn't like other Fox News hosts

905d ago / 1:06 AM UTC

Who will stay on topic? We're tracking the candidates during the debate

905d ago / 12:52 AM UTC

'Dump Trump': Peaceful protests against the president at first debate

905d ago / 12:48 AM UTC

Here's the vibe inside the hall pre-debate

, and

905d ago / 12:47 AM UTC

Clinton on Trump: 'His series is about to be canceled'

905d ago / 12:41 AM UTC

Reminder: There are 35 days until the election

905d ago / 12:39 AM UTC
905d ago / 12:32 AM UTC

Analysis: Will Trump cede the incumbent's edge?

905d ago / 12:29 AM UTC

How memorable debate moments shape presidential elections

905d ago / 12:21 AM UTC

Covid-era debates come with a pack of sanitizing wipes

905d ago / 12:12 AM UTC

Everyone on the debate stage tonight is over 70 years old

905d ago / 12:11 AM UTC

Trump on Biden's debate abilities: There's an old tweet for that

905d ago / 12:04 AM UTC

Pence plays Trump's hype man at debate watch party

905d ago / 11:53 PM UTC

Ohio voters speak out ahead of first presidential debate

905d ago / 11:44 PM UTC

Trump allies gather before debate begins

905d ago / 11:40 PM UTC

Trump heads into debate trailing Biden nationally and in key battleground states

905d ago / 11:28 PM UTC

Biden mocks Trump conspiracy theories

905d ago / 11:23 PM UTC

'The clash': Trump, Biden bring very different skills to first debate, experts say

905d ago / 11:17 PM UTC

Protesters in Cleveland decry Tamir Rice shooting

905d ago / 11:09 PM UTC

Trump's team belatedly stopped playing the debate expectations game on Biden's behalf

905d ago / 10:57 PM UTC

Most voters say Trump-Biden debates won't move them. But here's why they could matter.

905d ago / 10:40 PM UTC

Protesters gather outside the debate hall

905d ago / 10:21 PM UTC

ANALYSIS: The soft bigotry of Trump's low expectations may give Biden a debate edge

905d ago / 10:04 PM UTC

Coordinated push of conspiracy theories target Biden hours before debate

905d ago / 9:46 PM UTC

Twitter already buzzing hours before debate

905d ago / 9:34 PM UTC

Here's how the candidates and their teams have prepped for this debate

, , and

905d ago / 9:17 PM UTC

Inside the debate hall: Face masks and social distancing

905d ago / 9:00 PM UTC

Trump and Biden campaigns spar before debate commences

905d ago / 8:40 PM UTC

Trump has arrived at debate site

905d ago / 8:25 PM UTC

Biden releases 2019 tax return ahead of first debate as Trump comes under fire for tax avoidance

, and

905d ago / 8:07 PM UTC
905d ago / 6:57 PM UTC

5 things to watch for tonight

905d ago / 6:54 PM UTC

The table is set for Biden to neutralize one of Trump's main attack lines during first debate

905d ago / 6:49 PM UTC

Everything you need to know about the first Trump-Biden face off