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March 10 primaries live updates: Biden bests Sanders in 4 states

Biden won in delegate-rich Michigan, along with Missouri and Mississippi, according to NBC News projections. Washington was too close to call.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in Michigan Tuesday, NBC News projected, and further extended his delegate lead over Bernie Sanders with additional wins in Mississippi and Missouri and Idaho.

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Sanders won North Dakota, NBC News projected Wednesday morning, but Washington's primary election remains too close to call. More than 350 delegates will ultimately be allocated from the six states that voted Tuesday — the fourth-largest day on the primary calendar for the Democratic candidates.

Highlights from Tuesday's election:

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Live Blog

Biden wins Michigan Democratic primary, NBC News projects

Biden wins the Michigan Democratic primary over Sanders, NBC News projects.

With 125 delegates up for grabs, Michigan offers the biggest pledged delegate prize of the six states holding Democratic contests on Tuesday night. 

With more than half of the vote counted, Biden led Sanders 53 percent to 41 percent. 

As of 9:05 p.m. ET, NBC News projected that Biden will be awarded 38 pledged delegates from the state and Sanders will be awarded 33.

The NBC News exit poll from Michigan shows that Biden won the state with two-thirds of black voters, two-thirds of voters age 45 or over, 63 percent of moderates and conservatives, and 63 percent of voters who made up their minds this month. 

Biden was also the clear favorite of voters looking for someone who can unite the country (82 percent) and voters whose top priority is beating Donald Trump (61 percent).


Massive swing in large Michigan county from 2016 to 2020 could spell bad news for Sanders

Michigan results are trickling in as the final polls closed, and results in one large county show a huge swing from 2016 to 2020.

In Kalamazoo County — home of Western Michigan University and one of the state's 10 largest counties — Sanders is currently up by less than a point over Biden.

In 2016, when Sanders narrowly won the state, the Vermont senator won that county by nearly 23 points.

As is, Biden holds a nearly 10 point lead in the state with 32 percent of precincts reporting.

NBC News Exit Poll: Broad support underpins Biden’s Missouri victory

NBC News projected that Biden is the Democratic primary winner in Missouri, a state where the prior two Democratic primaries were decided by the thinnest of margins.

The NBC News Exit Poll shows that Biden’s support was broad-based, with especially strong backing among black voters and voters 45 or older. Biden was also the clear favorite of voters looking for someone who can unite the country and voters whose top priority is beating Donald Trump.

The race was fairly tight among the one quarter of Missouri primary voters who made up their minds in the last few days.

Sanders actually eked out a 51 percent to 45 percent edge among these voters, but Biden received a much larger cushion among those who came to a decision earlier this month, basically after the South Carolina and Super Tuesday results came in. Biden won this group by a 70 percent to 26 percent margin.

Biden wins Missouri Democratic primary, NBC News projects

Biden wins the the Democratic primary in Missouri over Sanders, NBC News projects.

Both Biden and Sanders, however, will reach the necessary threshold to be awarded pledged delegates, NBC News projects.

Biden will be awarded 22 pledged delegates and Sanders will be awarded 15, as of 8:20 p.m. ET, according to NBC News.

There are 68 pledged delegates at stake in Missouri.

NBC News Exit Poll: Biden continues to run up score in South with win in Mississippi

Joe Biden added another Southern state to his primary scorecard tonight, scoring a huge win in the Mississippi primary contest. NBC News projected that Biden was the winner in the state at poll close.

According to results from the NBC News Exit Poll, the former vice president enjoyed a solid backing from the state’s sizable African American electorate, as we all as a strong showing among ideological moderates and those who attend religious services weekly or more.

Biden was the clear favorite among most demographic groups, including whites (66 percent), voters with no college degree (78 percent) and liberal voters (66 percent). But even as Biden racked up support among a broad coalition of voters, Sanders outperformed his 2016 margins among some groups.

In 2016, Clinton bested Sanders among liberal voters, as well as those younger than 45, but Sanders fared better among these groups compared to his lackluster performance among older, more moderate-leaning groups. Today, Sanders improved his margins among both groups, seeing double-digit increases in support among voters who consider themselves liberal on political matters, as well as those younger than 45.

But these gains were offset by the fact that tonight’s Mississippi Democratic primary electorate skewed older and more moderate than it did in 2016.

Biden wins Mississippi primary, NBC News projects

Joe Biden wins the Mississippi Democratic primary over Bernie Sanders, NBC News projects. 

Biden has been awarded 21 delegates of the state's 36 pledged delegates. He had been expected to prevail in Mississippi and add to his delegate lead due to strong support from African American voters.

The Democratic primary in Missouri is too early to call, but Biden leads, according to NBC News.

North Dakota’s Democratic caucuses are also too early to call. 

There are 68 delegates at stake in Missouri. Fourteen are up for grabs in North Dakota.

Polls in the three states were the first to close among the six states voting Tuesday. The other states voting are Michigan, Washington and Idaho.

NBC News Exit Poll: In Missouri, fewer under 45 and black voters compared to 2016

There have been some shifts in the demographic profile of Missouri's primary voters since that 2016, when a razor thin margin of just over 1,000 votes separated Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the state.

Compared to four years ago, today’s Missouri Democratic electorate has fewer voters younger than 45, fewer black voters, and fewer self-described liberals, according to the NBC News Exit Poll results. It also has slightly fewer first time primary voters than in 2016.

Amid coronavirus outbreak, Trump still doesn't have any rallies planned

Vice President Mike Pence was asked at the White House coronavirus briefing on Tuesday whether the campaign will continue to have rallies amid coronavirus concerns. He told reporters: "I think that'll be a decision that’s made literally on a day-to-day basis" and "I’m very confident that the campaign will take the very best information and make the very best decision going forward."

The situation is clearly very fluid, given that the Trump campaign said they "expected" to reveal on Tuesday where the next rally would be but that was before the Biden and Sanders campaigns canceled their respective events in Ohio tonight. Of course, the day is not over so this Trump campaign announcement could still come but wanted everyone to have the proper context going into any such development.

See below for more on the events the campaign has "postponed" in recent days citing "scheduling conflicts," despite a claim they are "proceeding normally" (a "Women for Trump" bus tour through MI, WI, PA this week and a rare FLOTUS fundraiser in Beverly Hills on March 18). No information yet on future dates for either of these.

NBC News Exit Poll: In primaries so far, Democratic anger toward Trump highest in Washington

Over the course of the primary season, about 2 in 3 Democratic primary voters have said they feel angry about Donald Trump’s administration, while 1 in 4 are dissatisfied, and only 8 percent report having positive views of the current president, according to results from the NBC News Exit Poll.

In states voting today, feelings of anger range from 83 percent of primary voters in Washington to 49 percent in Mississippi, early results from the NBC News Exit Poll found. Missouri and Michigan are on par with the primary average to date.

Prior to today’s contests, the highest level of anger toward Trump was 79 percent in New Hampshire’s primary. 

Democrats in Southern states have tended to express lower levels of anger about the current administration. The level in Mississippi’s electorate is just slightly above the low of 47 percent registered in South Carolina’s primary.



Michigan not expected to report primary results until Wednesday afternoon

A spokesperson for Michigan’s office of the secretary of state — which runs the state's elections — said on a conference call Tuesday night that they don’t expect to have full reporting of the results from the state’s Democratic primary until the early afternoon of Wednesday, due to a wide disparity in how fast precincts are able to count votes.

Earlier Tuesday, Michigan’s office of the secretary of state said that it was expecting delays in the reporting of results of its primary Tuesday night due to the huge backlog of absentee votes.

Since Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson took office in 2019, Michigan has expanded voting options for citizens, including giving all voters the option to vote by mail and later voter registration.

That, however, has led to the state sending off nearly 1 million absentee ballots for the 2020 primary, with more than 800,000 of them already returned. That number includes the 36,574 ballots that were already spoiled — a unique rule in Michigan that allows residents who have already cast an absentee to change their vote

But under Michigan law, absentee ballots can't even be opened until Election Day morning, leading to fears of long delays before precincts can produce a final count.

"Current state law hasn't really caught up," Jake Rollow, a spokesperson for Benson's office, told NBC News.

NBC News Exit Poll: Most Mississippi Democrats support 'Medicare for All'

Sizable shares of Mississippi Democratic primary voters support "Medicare for All," according to early results from the NBC News Exit Poll.

Fully 6 in 10 say they support replacing all private health insurance with a single government plan for everyone. About half as many, 32 percent, say they oppose the plan.

Though most Democratic voters who have cast ballots in the 2020 primary race so far have favored "Medicare for All," there is some variation in support state to state.

Compared with other Southern states that held contests prior to March 10, larger majorities of Mississippi Democratic primary voters support this policy. 

Smaller majorities of Democrats in Tennessee, Virginia and Alabama say they favor "Medicare for All."