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Rep. Tlaib boos Hillary Clinton's name, encourages Sanders supporters to do same

The member of "The Squad" later said her feelings about the former first lady "got the best of me."
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CLIVE, Iowa — Rep. Rashida Tlaib booed after a mention of Hillary Clinton's name at a Bernie Sanders event on Friday night — the candidate himself was not present — and encouraged the crowd to join her.

After the moderator brought up Clinton, some in attendance started to boo before the moderator attempted to stop them. But Tlaib jumped in.

"No, I'll boo. Boo!" Tlaib interrupted, imploring the crowd to take part. "You all know I can't be quiet. No, we're going to boo. That's alright. The haters, the haters, will shut up on Monday when we win" in the Iowa caucuses.

On Saturday, Tlaib issued a statement saying in part, "In this instance, I allowed my disappointment with Secretary Clinton's latest comments about Senator Sanders and his supporters (to) get the best of me. You all, my sisters-in-service on stage, and our movement deserve better. I will continue to strive to come from a place of love and not react in the same way of those who are against what we are building in this country."

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Tlaib was referring to critical comments that Clinton — Sanders' rival for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016 — made about the Vermont independent in an interview for a Hulu documentary.

"He was in Congress for years," Clinton says in the soon-to-be-released four-part series "Hillary." "He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him. Nobody wants to work with him. He got nothing done. He was a career politician. It's all just baloney, and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it."

Sanders did not attend the Iowa event on Friday night held by his surrogates, a "caucus concert" featuring Bon Iver, because he was in Washington, D.C., for the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

During a panel discussion with Tlaib, and Reps. Pramila Jayapal and Ilhan Omar, the moderator, Sanders supporter and Des Moines school board member Dionna Langford, invoked Clinton's name and immediately some in the crowd of thousands began to boo.

"We're not gonna boo, we're not gonna boo," Langford pleaded. "We're classy here."

She added, "A hater said, by the name of Hillary Clinton, we calling names out here, taking shots. That nobody likes Bernie Sanders...We have three days to show the entire country how much we like Bernie Sanders and it starts here in Iowa."

Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir has called for "focus" and "positivity" from Sanders' surrogates and supporters ahead of the caucuses on Monday after the candidate's backers began calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren a "snake" and tweeting snake emojis.

This is not the first time the Sanders campaign and Sanders surrogates were not on the same page with their message. Last month, activist Zephyr Teachout wrote an opinion piece in The Guardian, calling former Vice President Joe Biden "corrupt." Sanders later disavowed the comments, telling CBS News he does not believe Biden has a "big corruption problem."