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Trump's Super Tuesday review: Biden 'incredible!' Warren 'spoiler!' Bloomberg 'won nothing!'

The president was surprised reporters hadn't asked about the results, so he solicited their questions on the voting.
Image: Donald Trump, Mike Pence
President Donald Trump with Vice President Mike Pence, speaks during a coronavirus briefing with Airline CEOs in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on March 4, 2020.Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

President Donald Trump called Joe Biden's Super Tuesday performance an "incredible comeback" during a meeting at the White House on Wednesday before mocking both Elizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg's poor showings.

Warren "was really a spoiler" for progressive rival Bernie Sanders while Bloomberg "made a fool out of himself," Trump told reporters.

The president made the comments about the candidates gunning for his job after allowing reporters in to a part of a meeting administration officials were having with airline executives about the coronavirus. Reporters were being ushered out of the room after Trump answered several questions about the virus when the president said, "I can't believe it. No questions on the election?"

When one reporter asked him what he thought, Trump said, "I think the election was great last night. I thought it was great. I thought the results were — it was a great comeback for Joe Biden. Incredible comeback, when you think about it."

He then repeatedly portrayed Warren as the "spoiler" in an apparent bid to further drive a wedge between her and Sanders and their supporters. Had Warren dropped out before Super Tuesday, Sanders "would've won a lot of states, including Massachusetts, probably Texas, definitely Minnesota. So Bernie would've won states that he lost and he lost fairly easily, but in particular Massachusetts," Trump said.

"I would imagine there are others that he would've picked up," he said of Sanders. "So, Elizabeth Warren was the single biggest factor in the election last night. It would've been a very different thing, and not in a positive way for her, in a very selfish way for her. She was very selfish, from that point of view. Now do I care? No. Because we're just waiting to find out who we're running against."

He also offered that "I think there's a lot of bad blood there" between Warren and Sanders.

Trump then took aim at Bloomberg, and mocked the amount of money both he and fellow billionaire Tom Steyer spent on the race.

"One thing this whole thing has shown, that you can't buy an election, it's a beautiful thing. Steyer put in $250, $300 million and now who knows where he is. He's home probably licking his wounds. And Bloomberg put in probably a billion dollars and you know sometimes you just don't have what it takes," Trump said, calling Bloomberg "a very spiteful guy."

Asked if Bloomberg's money will be more powerful supporting Biden than himself, Trump said, "Well, it couldn't be less powerful because look what $1 billion did. He won nothing. I mean, he got so few delegates, it's incredible."

Bloomberg did win the American Samoa caucuses Tuesday, and ended Super Tuesday and his campaign with 24 delegates.

Overall, Trump said, "I think Joe has an easier path right now, believe it or not."