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Plan your midterm vote

You have 8 days left to register to vote. There are 36 days until the election.

Key Dates
  • Oct. 11
    Deadline to register in person
  • Oct. 11
    Deadline to register by mail
  • Oct. 11
    Deadline to register online
  • Oct. 25
    Deadline to request a mail-in ballot
  • Nov. 03
    First day to vote early in person
  • Nov. 05
    Last day to vote early in person
  • Nov. 08
    Deadline to mail ballot by
  • Nov. 08
    Election Day
Key Info
  • There are major rule changes in Kentucky since 2020. See the changes.
  • You can't vote by mail without an excuse
  • You can vote in person before Election Day as an in-person absentee only
  • Yes. ID is required. Voters who do not present valid ID are allowed to cast a provisional ballot, but must provide valid ID to their county clerk's office at a later date in order for their ballot to be counted. Valid forms of ID are listed here

Key midterm contests in Kentucky

Primary winners and advancing candidates for the Kentucky primary election below were selected on May 17, 2022.

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In poll after poll, inflation has dominated how Americans view the economy, emerging as a top concern in the lead up to the November 2022 midterms.

In poll after poll, inflation has dominated how Americans view the economy, emerging as a top concern in the lead up to the November 2022 midterms.

How prices have changed from last year