Dick Cheney to Address House GOP

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will be the special guest at the weekly House Republican Conference meeting on Tuesday, a GOP aide confirmed to NBC News.

The meeting will be not be held at the Capitol, but instead at the National Republican Club so they can discuss campaign related issues, which they cannot legally do on Capitol Hill grounds.

"Vice President Cheney was invited to articulate the importance of growing the House Republican majority," a GOP aide told NBC News.

Tuesday's meeting will be the GOP's first since returning to Washington after a five-week recess, and Congress has a full plate.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday will meet with Congressional leadership to discuss the ongoing unrest in Iraq and Syria, as well as his address to the nation.

All members of the House and Senate will also receive a classified briefing from the White House on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria this week.


-- Frank Thorp V