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Freedom Caucus members voted to oust Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. It's unclear if it worked.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry has not informed Greene that she's out of the ultraconservative group, a source said. Other sources called the situation "a mess."
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WASHINGTON — Nearly two weeks ago, members of the House Freedom Caucus took a vote to oust Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., from the ultraconservative group. It’s still unclear whether that vote was successful.

Since the June 23 Freedom Caucus meeting, Chairman Scott Perry, R-Pa., and Greene have had multiple conversations. But a Republican source familiar with the conversations said Perry has not directly notified Greene that she has been kicked out of the caucus.

Another Republican source, who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, said Perry has not brought up the subject because he wants to sit down and talk to Greene about it in person, which is likely to happen next week.

Perry and the Freedom Caucus have not publicly commented on the matter since the meeting. In an email Thursday, an HFC spokesman responded to questions, saying: "HFC does not comment on membership or internal process."

But in an interview Thursday night, an HFC board member said that Perry had made numerous attempts to reach Greene and her staff before and after the vote to oust her.

There were "multiple efforts to text, email, leave voicemail messages to her and her staff, which were not responded to," the board member said. "And I suspect because she knew she was being dismissed from the Freedom Caucus, and a little bit like someone refusing service from a legal standpoint ... if I'm not served, then maybe it doesn’t take effect."

The lawmaker added: “It is my understanding, yes, that Chairman Perry made multiple efforts after the fact to notify her and she refused to meet with or to speak with Chairman Perry.”

Greene spokesman Nick Dyer said that characterization was inaccurate: "It's sad that this source is hiding behind a veil of secrecy to tell an inaccurate account of how this all went down. Why not say it on record?"

The caucus voted on Greene, who goes by the nickname MTG, after some of her conservative colleagues had grown furious over her support for the successful bid by Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., for speaker and his debt ceiling deal with President Joe Biden

But the final straw may have been her clash last month with Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., whom she called a “little b----” on the House floor.

A Freedom Caucus meeting was hastily called for 8 a.m. two days later, on the final day before the two-week Fourth of July recess, and a vote to remove Greene from the caucus occurred, two sources familiar with the incident said. A third source familiar with the deliberations said the vote was overwhelming in favor of ousting her.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., at the Capitol on June 13, 2023.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., at the Capitol on June 13, 2023.Amanda Andrade-Rhoades / AP file

"The vote was taken to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the House Freedom Caucus for some of the things she's done," a member of the group, Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., told reporters in the Capitol on Thursday.

"The way she referred to a fellow member was probably not the way we expect our members to refer to other fellow, especially female, members," he said.

But several Freedom Caucus members said they had not been told the agenda of the meeting beforehand and did not attend. The early morning meeting occurred on a Friday before recess, and it is unclear whether enough members were present for a quorum.

Several sources have described the confusing situation as “a mess,” and the group will almost certainly have to revisit Greene's membership when lawmakers return from the recess next week. 

Greene, one of the Freedom Caucus’s biggest names, has been one of the biggest fundraisers for the House Freedom Fund, a super PAC aligned with the caucus.

“Them voting her out doesn’t hurt her," another Republican House source said. "The most important signal for her that demonstrates her independence is her fundraising prowess. And the HFC will miss that.”

Another House GOP source added: "They love her for fundraising or when she’s fighting for something they approve of, but they despise her when she stops out of line and fight for something they disagree on.”

In a defiant statement, Greene suggested she was not beholden to the Freedom Caucus, but she also gave no indication whether she was in or out of the group.

“In Congress, I serve Northwest Georgia first, and serve no group in Washington," she said. "My America First credentials, guided by my Christian faith, are forged in steel, seared into my character, and will never change. ... I will work with ANYONE who wants to secure our border, protect our children inside the womb and after they are born, end the forever foreign wars, and do the work to save this country.

“The GOP has less than two years to show America what a strong, unified Republican-led congress will do when President Trump wins the White House in 2024," she continued. “This is my focus, nothing else.”