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GOP Weighs Adding to 'Obamacare' Attack in Midterms

Republicans wonder whether "Obamacare" alone will be enough to carry the party to victory in November.

Republicans in Congress are counting on "Obamacare" being the gift that keeps on giving in this fall's midterm elections, though some others in the GOP question whether that's enough.

Decrying the Affordable Care Act has become a fixture of the GOP's election year strategy. To boot, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, opened his press conference on Thursday decrying the "devastating consequences" of the law for Americans.

But some Republicans are questioning whether staking the 2014 campaigns on Obamacare alone is a wise wager. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, R, told the Washington Post it wasn’t enough to make 2014 a referendum on the healthcare law and that Republicans must offer, “detailed policy solutions, detailed ideas of what we would do differently.”

When questioned today if the House GOP was focusing too much on "Obamacare," Boehner said it was important for the GOP to have "Better solutions on Obamacare, better solutions on getting our economy going again, and that's where our focus will be."

When pressed for specifics, Boehner pointed to tax reform and a GOP healthc are alternative as things that could be seen on the House floor later this year -- both ambitious issues that the GOP latch onto in this election year.

It's unclear when the House might consider these initiatives; the House GOP Conference is so divided that many aides privately admit putting members on the record for controversial votes is not an easy task, especially ahead of primary season when there is no pressing deadline for the legislation.

Boehner admitted as much today: “So there is a certain amount of reality that we have to deal with, even though some days it doesn't look that way.”