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Jan. 7 highlights and analysis of unrest in Washington, D.C.

The rioting at the Capitol left four dead and several injured after Trump urged protesters to march on the building.
Image: Scenes from the protests and riots at the Capitol on Jan. 6 with a large Capitol dome on a red background.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

Several senior Trump administration officials resigned Thursday after rioting and bloodshed by violent Trump supporters at the Capitol on Wednesday left four people dead and drew calls from members of Congress for an investigation into security measures around the complex.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao was the first of Trump's Cabinet secretaries to announce she was resigning, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos followed hours later.

A police officer died Thursday night from injuries suffered during the pro-Trump mob's breach of the Capitol.

Congress confirmed President-elect Joe Biden's election victory early Thursday morning — more than 14 hours after the tally began — after members were whisked away just after the proceedings had started when a mob of Trump supporters overran the building. Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated as the 46th president on Jan. 20.

This live coverage has ended. Continue reading news from Jan. 8, 2021 about the backlash over the riots.

Read the highlights:

— 'Deeply troubled' by Capitol riot, Transportation Secretary Chao resigns.

What happened after Trump told supporters to swarm the Capitol.

— Law enforcement officials across U.S. shocked by police failure to stop rioters.

— Trump loyalists push evidence-free claims that antifa activists fueled mob.

— How an ordinary Congress vote devolved into disarray.

808d ago / 10:38 PM UTC

FBI now has 4,000 online tips to help identify rioters

808d ago / 10:02 PM UTC

Prosecutors looking at Trump's role in riot

808d ago / 9:59 PM UTC

Ex-White House chief of staff: I would vote to remove Trump

808d ago / 9:47 PM UTC

Trump's legal team drops baseless Georgia election lawsuit, Raffensperger's office says

808d ago / 9:41 PM UTC

Fencing going up near White House complex

808d ago / 9:29 PM UTC

55 charges so far from Capitol riot, one suspect had 11 Molotov cocktails

808d ago / 9:28 PM UTC

White House fires State Dept official who called on Trump to resign

808d ago / 9:13 PM UTC

Biden transition team: Pence, Congress decide whether to remove Trump from office

808d ago / 8:55 PM UTC

If invited, Pence expected to attend Biden's inauguration


808d ago / 8:41 PM UTC

Over 100 lawmakers are calling for Trump's removal. Here's who they are.

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808d ago / 8:33 PM UTC

One of the four dead in DC riots suffered heart attack, family says

808d ago / 8:17 PM UTC
808d ago / 8:14 PM UTC

First federal charges filed in connection to Capitol rioting

808d ago / 7:47 PM UTC

Pelosi calls on chief of Capitol Police to resign


808d ago / 7:31 PM UTC
808d ago / 6:48 PM UTC

Schumer vows to fire Senate sergeant at arms after Capitol riot

808d ago / 6:46 PM UTC

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao stepping down

808d ago / 6:35 PM UTC
808d ago / 6:31 PM UTC

Capitol rioter who put feet on Pelosi's desk got PPP loan

808d ago / 6:16 PM UTC
808d ago / 6:14 PM UTC

Deputy national security adviser Pottinger resigns

808d ago / 6:03 PM UTC

D.C. mayor says Trump 'must be held accountable' for Capitol riot, demands control of Nat'l Guard

808d ago / 6:01 PM UTC

D.C. police release photos of people from Capitol riot they want to identify

808d ago / 5:56 PM UTC

Ocasio-Cortez calls on Cruz and Hawley to resign

808d ago / 5:48 PM UTC

Capitol police were hit in the head with lead pipes, congressman says

808d ago / 5:34 PM UTC

Hoyer says rioters stole a tribute to late Rep. John Lewis

808d ago / 5:18 PM UTC

Trump yanks Chad Wolf's Homeland Security nomination

808d ago / 5:07 PM UTC

Acting AG Rosen: Capitol rioters will 'face the full consequences of their actions'

808d ago / 5:01 PM UTC

Schumer calls on Pence to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office

808d ago / 4:56 PM UTC

Capitol police made 14 arrests last night, none were D.C. residents

808d ago / 4:46 PM UTC

More arrests expected today

808d ago / 4:39 PM UTC

Capitol Police chief says department 'conducting a thorough review' of security procedures

808d ago / 4:14 PM UTC

Rep. Kinzinger is first Republican to say 25th Amendment should be invoked

808d ago / 4:08 PM UTC

Facebook bans Trump from platform until after inauguration

808d ago / 4:04 PM UTC

D.C. police reporting 68 arrests last night

808d ago / 3:53 PM UTC

Barr says Trump conduct 'betrayal' of presidency

808d ago / 3:35 PM UTC
808d ago / 3:35 PM UTC

After violence at the Capitol, Trump to award Medal of Freedom to three golfers

808d ago / 3:34 PM UTC

Acting DHS chief Chad Wolf calls on Trump to condemn violence at the Capitol

808d ago / 2:48 PM UTC
808d ago / 2:41 PM UTC

AFRICOM: 'American people expect, and need, us to stay steady'

808d ago / 2:36 PM UTC

Michigan Capitol reopens after police investigate bomb threat

808d ago / 2:33 PM UTC

National Guard will be in D.C. through Biden's inauguration

808d ago / 2:22 PM UTC

'I can’t stay': Mick Mulvaney resigns as Trump's envoy to Northern Ireland

808d ago / 2:11 PM UTC

Bullet holes and shattered glass: Some of the damage inside the Capitol

808d ago / 2:02 PM UTC

GOP Rep. Miller invokes Hitler Tuesday at Capitol, stands by comments

808d ago / 1:24 PM UTC
808d ago / 12:46 PM UTC

Lawmakers say they plan to investigate how law enforcement handled mob storming Capitol

808d ago / 12:45 PM UTC
808d ago / 12:35 PM UTC

ANALYSIS: A shadow over democracy, the White House and the Republican Party

808d ago / 12:33 PM UTC

'Let us in!': What happened after Trump told his supporters to swarm the Capitol

808d ago / 12:19 PM UTC

Inside the Trump riots: How an ordinary Congress vote devolved into disarray

808d ago / 12:18 PM UTC

Nearly 100 lawmakers call for Trump's removal through impeachment or 25th Amendment

808d ago / 12:15 PM UTC

Liz Cheney says Trump incited the mob that stormed the Capitol

809d ago / 4:21 AM UTC