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Jan. 8 Highlights: Pelosi calls for Trump's resignation or face impeachment, Twitter bans him

A growing number of lawmakers calling for removing or impeaching the president. House Speaker Pelosi also makes calls to prevent Trump from launching a nuclear strike.
Image: Navy circles show scenes from the mob at the Capitol, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and newspaper headlines.
Chelsea Stahl / NBC News

Democratic leaders in Congress will move on newly drafted articles of impeachment as soon as next week against President Donald Trump if he doesn't first resign, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

The news comes as Pelosi, D-Calif., reiterated her and presumptive Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's, D-N.Y., demand in a letter to her caucus Friday afternoon that Vice President Mike Pence invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

Pelosi also said she spoke to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley on Friday morning about preventing Trump from launching a nuclear strike. "The situation of this unhinged president could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy," she wrote.

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Read the highlights:

— Twitter permanently suspends Trump's personal account.

— Read the full text of draft of new articles of impeachment against Trump.

— Trump says he won't attend Biden's inauguration.

— Clyburn says House should make Trump only president to be impeached twice.

— No evidence of antifa involvement in Capitol mob, FBI says.

— Troubled by Capitol riot, Cabinet officials DeVos, Chao resign.

808d ago / 2:34 AM UTC
808d ago / 2:26 AM UTC

Capitol riots renew calls for D.C. to become 51st state


808d ago / 1:45 AM UTC

Trump circumvents Twitter ban with POTUS account, vowing to take on social media giant

808d ago / 1:30 AM UTC
809d ago / 12:50 AM UTC

Michael Cohen says he's cooperating with agencies looking into Trump and family

809d ago / 12:20 AM UTC
809d ago / 12:05 AM UTC

Flashback: Harris called on Twitter to suspend Trump's account in Oct. 2019 debate

809d ago / 11:30 PM UTC

Twitter permanently suspends president's @realDonaldTrump account

809d ago / 11:06 PM UTC

Right-wing extremists vow to return to Washington for Joe Biden's inauguration

809d ago / 11:03 PM UTC

Feds announce charges against 13 in Capitol riot

809d ago / 10:56 PM UTC

Pelosi says if Trump doesn't resign, House will look to 25th Amendment, impeachment

809d ago / 10:46 PM UTC

Durbin, Schumer pledge quick Judiciary Committee hearings on right-wing extremist groups

809d ago / 10:33 PM UTC

'Extremely complex': DOJ declines to rule out charges against speakers at rally that preceded riot

809d ago / 10:20 PM UTC

Full text: Draft of articles of impeachment against Trump

809d ago / 10:06 PM UTC

Proud Boy leader charged in connection to Capitol riot

809d ago / 9:55 PM UTC

Behind the viral photo of Rep. Andy Kim cleaning up at midnight after riots

809d ago / 9:46 PM UTC

Can Trump be tried in the Senate on impeachment charges even after he leaves office? Some experts say yes.

809d ago / 9:46 PM UTC

GOP Sen. Murkowski calls on Trump to resign

809d ago / 9:35 PM UTC

'Traitor!': Trump supporters harangue Sen. Lindsey Graham at airport

809d ago / 9:07 PM UTC

ADL calls for Trump's removal from office

809d ago / 9:02 PM UTC

U.S. diplomats ask State Dept. to denounce Trump's incitement of Capitol riot


809d ago / 9:00 PM UTC
809d ago / 8:45 PM UTC
809d ago / 8:26 PM UTC

Biden says Pence is 'welcome' at his inauguration

809d ago / 7:59 PM UTC

No evidence of antifa involvement in Capitol mob, FBI says

809d ago / 7:49 PM UTC
809d ago / 7:27 PM UTC

Democratic Sen. Patty Murray calls on Hawley, Cruz to resign

809d ago / 7:24 PM UTC
809d ago / 7:19 PM UTC

Photo: Capitol riots inspire graffiti in Syria

809d ago / 6:48 PM UTC

W. Va. GOP lawmaker charged after videoing himself rioting inside Capitol

809d ago / 6:43 PM UTC

Man with foot up on desk in Pelosi's office at Capitol arrested

809d ago / 6:40 PM UTC
809d ago / 6:31 PM UTC

At least two Dems in Congress say rioters stole computers


809d ago / 6:20 PM UTC
809d ago / 6:15 PM UTC

Clyburn: House should make Trump only president to be impeached twice

, and

809d ago / 6:15 PM UTC
809d ago / 6:15 PM UTC

Extremists made little secret of ambitions to 'occupy' Capitol in weeks before attack

809d ago / 6:12 PM UTC

Hope Hicks plans to leave the White House next week, two sources say

809d ago / 6:01 PM UTC

Speaker Pelosi called military chief about ‘unhinged’ Trump’s access to nuclear launch codes

809d ago / 5:32 PM UTC

RNC Chairwoman condemns violence on Capitol Hill at RNC Winter Meeting, thanks Trump for his support


809d ago / 5:03 PM UTC

Family of fallen Capitol Police officer recall their 'hero'

809d ago / 4:19 PM UTC

Federal investigation underway into death of Capitol Police officer

809d ago / 4:09 PM UTC

Senate to hold joint hearings on Capitol security failures

809d ago / 4:01 PM UTC
809d ago / 3:55 PM UTC

Trump says he won't attend Biden's inauguration

809d ago / 3:54 PM UTC

GOP Sen. Sasse open to impeaching Trump


809d ago / 3:05 PM UTC

Dejected Trump supporters leave Washington, create new theories for Capitol violence

809d ago / 2:54 PM UTC

Sen. Manchin asks Twitter to suspend Trump's account in the run-up to Inauguration Day

809d ago / 2:14 PM UTC

Pelosi orders Capitol flags at half-staff after death of police Officer Brian Sicknick

809d ago / 2:11 PM UTC

George W. Bush, others criticized for comparing Capitol unrest to 'banana republics'

809d ago / 2:11 PM UTC

House Democrats looking at impeachment vote next week, senior Democrat says

809d ago / 2:09 PM UTC

U.S. foes like China and Iran see opportunity in the chaos

809d ago / 12:18 PM UTC

More Trump administration resignations

809d ago / 11:52 AM UTC

More than 200 lawmakers support removing Trump from office

809d ago / 11:26 AM UTC
809d ago / 11:24 AM UTC
809d ago / 5:23 AM UTC

Day after clashing with pro-Trump mob, Capitol officer dies


809d ago / 4:39 AM UTC

FBI offers $50,000 to find DC pipe bomb suspect

810d ago / 6:31 PM UTC

Capitol rioter who put feet on Pelosi's desk got PPP loan