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House reaches Day 10 without a speaker as Republicans nominate Jim Jordan

Republicans first voted to nominate Steve Scalise on Wednesday, but after failing to get enough support to win a floor vote, the Louisiana Republican dropped out on Thursday.

The latest news and updates on the House speaker fight:

  • Rep. Jim Jordan, of Ohio, became the second Republican nominated this week to be House speaker, besting Rep. Austin Scott, of Georgia, in a closed-door vote.
  • Rep. Steve Scalise, of Louisiana, abandoned his bid to be the next speaker, throwing in the towel when he couldn't get enough support in his caucus even after being nominated by House Republicans to replace Rep. Kevin McCarthy, of California.
  • Democrats are backing House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, of New York.
  • The race was triggered last week when Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., moved to oust the speaker and won a majority vote when all Democrats and eight Republicans voted against McCarthy. Gaetz has said he would support Jordan or Scalise.
  • Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., was made the temporary speaker when McCarthy was ousted last week, but has minimal power.
48d ago / 10:23 PM UTC

Ron DeSantis praises Jordan, decries House 'chaos'

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis offered some warm words for Jordan today, and called for House Republicans to "get their act together."

"I’ve known Jim for a long time. He’s a friend," DeSantis said of the close ally of his rival Donald Trump. "He’s a good guy. I wish him well," the Florida governor told reporters at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

DeSantis, a former congressman, had previously called Scalise a “good guy" as well after the Louisiana Republican launched his now-failed speaker bid.

DeSantis today said it remains to be seen if Jordan can get the 217 votes needed to be speaker, while adding that the current situation is untenable. "Chaos for the sake of chaos doesn't work," he said.

48d ago / 9:47 PM UTC

Defeated speaker candidate Scott calls for GOP to unite behind Jordan

After being defeated by Jordan, Scott called on his Republican colleagues to unite behind the Ohio congressman.

"I highly respect Jim Jordan. He is an asset to the Republican Party and our nominee for Speaker," Scott said in a post on X. "Our conference has spoken, and now we must unite behind Jordan so we can get Congress back to work."

48d ago / 9:25 PM UTC

Hakeem Jeffries calls Jordan 'chairman of the chaos caucus'

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries blasted Jordan after Republicans nominated him to be the next speaker.

Jeffries, D-N.Y., called Jordan "the chairman of the chaos caucus, a defender in a dangerous way of dysfunction, and an extremist extraordinaire.”

“House Republicans now have a choice," he said, adding that there "are only two paths forward.

"On the one hand, House Republicans continue to triple down on the chaos, the dysfunction and the extremism that has been visited upon the American people as a result of the House Republicans civil war," Jeffries said. "On the other hand, traditional Republicans can break away from the extremism, partner with Democrats on an enlightened bipartisan path forward so we can end the recklessness and get back to doing the business of the American people.”

48d ago / 9:21 PM UTC

Republicans told to go home until Monday night

Members have been advised “that no votes are expected in the House until approximately 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 16,” according to an email obtained by NBC News from Majority Whip Tom Emmer’s office.

48d ago / 9:05 PM UTC

Pennsylvania congressman says McCarthy advocating for Jordan

After Jordan showed he was over 50 votes from where he needs to be in the second vote, McCarthy got up to speak in support of the Ohio congressman who's trying for his old job, Rep. Dan Meuser, R-Pa., told reporters.

McCarthy predicted Jordan would be the next speaker, Meuser said.

48d ago / 9:05 PM UTC

McCarthy thinks Jordan can get to 217

McCarthy said he doesn't think Jordan should be deterred that he only got 152 votes on the second ballot measuring his support.

"I don't see a problem with him now getting that," McCarthy said. "I think that people have been here a long time. We've now elected a speaker designee. I think people go home be with their family and come back."

48d ago / 9:04 PM UTC

House Republicans eye Tuesday floor vote for speaker

Multiple GOP lawmakers said today that the goal is to hold a House floor vote on Tuesday for the next speaker.

48d ago / 9:02 PM UTC

Jordan increases support on second vote

On a second vote gauging whether members would support Jordan on the House floor, the vote tally was 152 yes, 55 no and 1 present, according to Rep. French Hill and confirmed by an aide.

That means Jordan increased his support by 28 members compared with the first vote in which he defeated Scott in a 124-81 vote.

48d ago / 8:45 PM UTC

Pete Sessions: Republicans going home for weekend

Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, told reporters outside the meeting that Republicans are headed home for the weekend and will resume trying to elect a speaker on Monday.

48d ago / 8:37 PM UTC

Rep. Scott Perry says Republicans holding second vote

, and

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., told reporters Republicans are holding a second vote to see how much support Jordan would get on the floor.

He predicted there would be far fewer "protest" votes in the second vote. "I bet you there's going to be hardly any," Perry said.

48d ago / 8:32 PM UTC

Rep. Austin Scott got 81 votes for speaker

Rep. Austin Scott got 81 votes for speaker, sources confirmed.

Scott, of Georgia, is a low-profile member of Congress elected in 2010 and has not held a leadership role before.

48d ago / 8:08 PM UTC

Jordan nominated to be the next speaker, Rep. Stefanik says

House Republicans voted behind closed doors to nominate Jordan to be the next speaker, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., said on X.

Jordan won 124-81.

48d ago / 7:46 PM UTC

Republicans are voting on speaker nominee

The Republicans have started voting behind closed doors for a second nominee for speaker. Their first nominee, Steve Scalise, withdrew after he couldn't get enough support for a floor vote.

48d ago / 7:36 PM UTC

Santos goes on screaming tirade about protester, who was then arrested

, and

Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., started screaming about a protester outside of the GOP meeting. Police then arrested the protester.

"The fact that we have terrorist sympathizer in this building is unacceptable! They should not be allowed in here!" he yelled after telling Capitol police the protester, a Jewish American who opposes Israeli government policies, had accosted him earlier while holding "a child."

"What’s happening in Israel is abhorrent — that’s what it is," Santos said.

Santos had previously acknowledged his claim of being a “proud American Jew” during his campaign was exaggerated, telling the New York Post “I am Catholic. Because I learned my maternal family had a Jewish background I said I was ‘Jew-ish.’”

In a statement, U.S. Capitol Police said they "arrested 36 year-old Shabd Khalsa and charged him with simple assault after an officer witnessed him have physical contact with a Congressional Staffer in the Longworth Building. The USCP will continue to investigate.”

48d ago / 7:19 PM UTC

Rep. Collins jokes about speaker candidates: 'Are we going alphabetically?'

After Rep. Austin Scott declared his candidacy, Rep. Mike Collins quipped, "If we all get a chance to be voted on as speaker, are we going alphabetically or by class? Trying to plan Thanksgiving travel."

48d ago / 7:02 PM UTC

GOP planning to hold nomination vote at 3:15 p.m.

Republicans are aiming for a 3:15 p.m. vote on who the party will nominate for speaker.

Some Republicans are pushing for a floor vote immediately afterward, but that remains an uncertainty.

48d ago / 6:23 PM UTC

Nomination vote could happen after 3 p.m.

Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., exited at about 2 p.m. and said they were still doing process stuff and probably wouldn’t vote for another hour.

48d ago / 6:16 PM UTC

McCarthy still supports Jordan for speaker

When asked about Rep. Scott declaring his candidacy for speaker, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy said, "Everybody's got a right to run but I think Jim's better prepared in the process to be speaker."

48d ago / 6:16 PM UTC

Scott told colleagues he would vote for Jordan if he's the nominee

Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga., told his colleagues he would vote for Jordan on the floor if Jordan is the nominee rather than him, according to Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, a Jordan and McCarthy ally.

48d ago / 6:01 PM UTC

New York Rep. Esposito: 'Not sure if we're near' majority vote

Ahead of the GOP meeting, Rep. Anthony Esposito, R-N.Y., expressed concern that no candidate would be able to secure enough support to win.

“I think that there are a lot of questions that members have. I think people are frustrated. People are angry. There could be a time that we come together and unify,” he said. “I’m just not sure if members are there yet. And I certainly am not sure we’re near" any candidate securing a majority of the caucus' support.

48d ago / 5:03 PM UTC

Reps. Johnson, Hern and Malliotakis to nominate Jordan

Jordan allies Reps. Dusty Johnson of South Dakota, Kevin Hern of Oklahoma and Nicole Malliotakis of New York will nominate him for speaker, a source familiar said.

48d ago / 4:59 PM UTC

Scott: 'I want a house that functions correctly'

Scott told reporters ahead of the meeting, "I don't necessarily want to be speaker of the house. I want a house that functions correctly."

"The house is not functioning correctly right now," he added.

48d ago / 4:46 PM UTC

Democratic leadership tells members: Speaker vote is possible this afternoon


Democratic leaders emailed members today telling them not to leave Washington, as a vote for speaker could occur as early as this afternoon.

48d ago / 4:45 PM UTC

In 2021, Scott signed letter opposing GOP effort to overturn 2020 election

Some context on Scott: The Georgia congressman signed a Jan. 5, 2021, letter from 12 GOP House members saying that Congress should not and could not object to electoral college results.

"The text of the Constitution is clear," said the letter. "States select electors. Congress does not. Accordingly, our path forward is also clear. We must respect the states’ authority here. Though doing so may frustrate our immediate political objectives, we have sworn an oath to promote the Constitution above our policy goals. We must count the electoral votes submitted by the states."

Jordan, a Trump ally, was supportive of efforts to upend the 2020 election.

48d ago / 4:21 PM UTC

Rep. Austin Scott jumps into speaker race

Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia is jumping into the speaker race, he wrote on X.

He is the only confirmed candidate besides Jordan.

48d ago / 4:17 PM UTC

Rep. Self questions if members are absent in order to block vote on Jordan

In a post on X, Rep. Keith Self, suggested that the absense of several Republican members from the GOP meeting today was an effort to block a vote on Jordan.

He wrote that the members "absence guarantees that we will not have a vote this weekend on Jim Jordan." He went on to ask "Is this a mere coincidence?"

48d ago / 4:01 PM UTC

Lawler: There's a word for this...

Rep. Mike Lawler, R-N.Y., offered this assessment on the current state of the speaker race: “The French have a word for it ... clusterf---.”

48d ago / 3:55 PM UTC

Republicans have attendance problems

While Republicans gear up for another round of closed-door voting for a speaker nominee, it may not be possible for them to hold a floor vote today.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say some members have already left town. Leaving this morning’s meeting, several Republicans confirmed there were only 209 of the 221 members of the House GOP in attendance. That may make getting to a majority even harder.

And heading to the floor with only 209 Republicans brings some risks — if Democratic absences are only a few, the chamber could end up with a Speaker Hakeem Jeffries.

48d ago / 3:54 PM UTC

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she's pushing for a speaker election next week

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is backing Jordan, told reporters that she is pushing for a straw vote to happen immediately following today's meeting.

"I've also told everyone, once that happens, we should go home and come back and have a speaker election either on Monday or Tuesday morning," she added.

48d ago / 3:50 PM UTC

Rep. Tom Cole says 'nobody's that dumb' to nominate him for speaker

Rep. Tom Cole, of Oklahoma, brushed off questions about whether he could be nominated for speaker.

"Nobody's that dumb," he said.

48d ago / 3:41 PM UTC

Candidates have until noon to declare

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., confirms candidates have until noon today to announce they are running for speaker.

48d ago / 3:31 PM UTC

Graphic: How long has the House been without a speaker?


The House of Representatives has been without a speaker for more than a week, leaving one of America’s branches of government effectively paralyzed as crises and a government shutdown loom.  

This is the longest that Congress has been rudderless since 1971, when it took 18 days to elect a speaker.

NBC News is tracking the hours, minutes and seconds since Kevin McCarthy was ousted from the position.

Read the full story, How long has the House been without a speaker?

48d ago / 3:30 PM UTC

Questions emerge about Jordan's ability to unite caucus

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., a powerful appropriator, called Jordan “straightforward” but expressed concerns about his ability to lead a very narrow majority, pointing to the fact that he could not flip votes in favor of Scalise after Jordan endorsed his one-time opponent.

“If you can’t get your closest friends, your closest supporters on an election issue to follow you ... it begs the question of can you do anything and can you get anybody to follow you on really difficult issues,” Diaz-Balart said Friday.

48d ago / 3:29 PM UTC

House candidate forum at 1 p.m.

The House will hold a candidate forum at 1 p.m. So far, Jim Jordan is the only candidate running, but others could jump in before then.

48d ago / 3:14 PM UTC

NRCC chair endorses Jordan for speaker

Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, endorsed Jordan for speaker this morning.

"I believe Jim Jordan is the person who should lead us. The House Republican Majority is the last best chance to stop Biden and the anti-American liberals who are dragging this country down. We must unite behind one leader with the integrity, the ability and the vision to lead us. I believe Jim Jordan is that leader and I ask my colleagues to join me now," he said in a statement.

Hudson also said in his statement that he believes removing McCarthy was a mistake and that the conference's "inability to rally behind Steve Scalise is a win for the forces that threaten the country."

48d ago / 2:35 PM UTC

As Republicans face turmoil, Jordan re-enters speaker race after Scalise drops out

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan said on Friday that he is re-entering the race for speaker, just a day after the GOP’s nominee, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, dropped his bid for the top job after failing to lock up enough support.

Jordan, a Donald Trump loyalist who has burnished a reputation on the Hill as a conservative bomb-thrower, could still meet the same fate as Scalise. Because of the party’s razor-thin majority, just five GOP detractors can block Jordan in a House floor vote, and a handful of moderate Republicans have already said they won’t cast their vote for Jordan.

They include Reps. Ann Wagner of Missouri, Austin Scott of Georgia, and Don Bacon of Nebraska.

Many Republicans are now looking to Jordan because he was the only challenger to Scalise, losing just two days ago in a narrow, internal 113-99 vote. Supporters point to his conservative credentials — he chaired both the Republican Study Committee and far-right House Freedom Caucus — and also that he has aligned himself with the GOP leadership team more in recent years.

Read the full story here.

48d ago / 2:23 PM UTC

What's happening in the closed-door meeting this morning?

What are Republicans doing behind closed doors now that their speaker nominee has dropped out? Talking about the rules.

There are four rules proposals being considered. These are rules that pertain to how the House Republicans run themselves.

And its still unclear whether McHenry could decide to hold another vote this morning for a speaker nominee.

48d ago / 2:16 PM UTC

McCarthy ignores questions about whether he's ruling out running for speaker again


McCarthy didn't respond to reporters' questions on Friday morning when asked if he is ruling out running for House speaker again.

48d ago / 1:58 PM UTC

Republicans filing into meeting

The House Republicans are filing into a room in the Longworth office building.

48d ago / 1:20 PM UTC

House convened and then quickly recessed

The House stands in recess after interim Speaker Patrick McHenry opened the floor back up briefly. 

There were a dozen Democrats on the floor and Rep. Jim McGovern, the top Democratic on the Rules Committee, tried to gain recognition but McHenry hit gavel to recess.

48d ago / 12:40 PM UTC

Rep. Dan Meuser says vote likely today

Rep. Dan Meuser said in an interview with Newsmax that he is proposing a Scalise-Jordan "leadership team," where one is the speaker and the other is the majority leader "to unite our party, to unite our country."

The Pennsylvania Republican said the conference will likely hold a straw poll on the matter today and possibly a full floor vote.

48d ago / 12:05 PM UTC

A push to bring back McCarthy as speaker

Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., is pushing a plan that would reinstate Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

In a letter to his colleagues last night, McClintock said, "ENOUGH!" He urged the House GOP to "start acting as a majority again" and "condemn the House vote that removed" McCarthy.

"Our conference never voted to oust our Speaker. Eight of our 'morally superior' colleagues made that decision for us," said the letter, which calls for re-nominating McCarthy after condemning the vote to remove him. They'd then keep voting for McCarthy "until enough of our wayward colleagues return to the fold," he wrote.

McCarthy has said he does not plan on running for speaker again, and the eight Republicans who voted against him have shown no inclination to change their votes, but the idea was endorsed by Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., who posted a copy of McClintock's letter on X.

"I agree," Gimenez wrote, calling on GOP colleagues to "condemn this despicable coup."

48d ago / 12:05 PM UTC
48d ago / 12:05 PM UTC

Scalise withdraws from speaker’s race, sending House into further turmoil

Scalise, R-La., informed Republicans in a closed-door meeting last night that he was dropping his bid to be House speaker, one day after he captured the GOP’s nomination for the top job.

Moments later, Scalise, the No. 2 Republican in leadership, confirmed the news to reporters outside the room.

“I just shared with my colleagues that I’m withdrawing my name as candidate for the speaker designee,” he said.

“Our conference still has to come together and is not there. There are still some people that have their own agendas,” he said. “This House of Representatives needs a speaker, and we need to open up the House again. But clearly, not everybody is there. And there’re still schisms that have to get resolved.”

Read the full story here.