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Highlights and analysis: Trump impeachment and 25th Amendment resolutions to get House vote

House Democrats will proceed with Trump's impeachment for "incitement of insurrection" if Pence doesn't agree to invoke the 25th Amendment.
Image: U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds news conference at U.S. Capitol a day after violent protests in Washington
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday.Erin Scott / Reuters

House Democrats introduced one article of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Monday for "incitement of insurrection" for urging his supporters to march on the Capitol last Wednesday.

The House will vote on the impeachment measure Wednesday morning after considering legislation Tuesday night that calls on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office before Jan. 20. The planned votes come after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told Democrats that the chamber would proceed with Trump's impeachment if Pence doesn't agree to the 25th Amendment process.

Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., said the House could delay sending impeachment articles to the Senate until after Joe Biden's first 100 days in office to allow the president-elect to get his agenda off and running, including Covid-19 relief legislation and the confirmation of his Cabinet officials.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the soonest his chamber could receive impeachment articles would be the eve of Biden's inauguration unless senators give unanimous consent to doing so earlier.

This live coverage has ended. Continue reading news about the reaction to the Capitol riot from Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021.

Read the highlights:

— After break with Trump, Pence charts a new path forward.

— FBI memo warns law enforcement across U.S. of possible armed protests at 50 state Capitols.

— Nearly three-quarters of voters say democracy under threat, majority say Trump should resign or be removed, poll finds.

— New York State Bar Association moves to oust Rudy Giuliani.

— Melania Trump makes first comments about attack on the Capitol.

804d ago / 4:49 AM UTC

Banks halt business with Trump after U.S. Capitol riots


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Corporations suspend political donations in wake of Capitol riot

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Trump issues emergency order to bolster inauguration security

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Trump, Pence met for the first time since before riots

, , and

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Money talks: Corporate America shuts its wallet in response to Capitol riots

, and

804d ago / 11:21 PM UTC
804d ago / 11:12 PM UTC

New York lawmaker makes formal request to disbar Giuliani

804d ago / 11:08 PM UTC

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf resigns

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Republican AG group exec resigns after robocalls urged march on Capitol

804d ago / 10:33 PM UTC
804d ago / 10:31 PM UTC

Facebook bans all 'stop the steal' content

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After Capitol violence, Trump brand partners eye dumping toxic asset: The president

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Wisconsin Republicans want gerrymandered districts to decide electoral college results

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First female Congressional chaplain condemns 'deeply disturbing' riot in opening prayer

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Democrats grapple with how to impeach Trump without hindering Biden's agenda

804d ago / 8:46 PM UTC

Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook has no plans to lift Trump ban

804d ago / 8:06 PM UTC

Trump defender Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to get presidential medal of freedom

804d ago / 7:57 PM UTC

FBI memo warns law enforcement across U.S. of possible armed protests at 50 state Capitols

804d ago / 7:53 PM UTC

DC AG looking into charging Trump over Capitol riot incitement

804d ago / 7:11 PM UTC

Amid fears of violence at inauguration, Biden says: 'I am not afraid'

804d ago / 6:52 PM UTC
804d ago / 6:49 PM UTC

Trump enters final week as president with few allies, no Twitter and an impeachment effort

, , and

804d ago / 6:32 PM UTC

Poll: Nearly three-quarters of voters say democracy under threat, majority say Trump should resign or be removed

804d ago / 6:31 PM UTC
804d ago / 6:30 PM UTC

Parler sues Amazon Web Services

804d ago / 6:13 PM UTC

Democratic rep. says she contracted Covid-19 while sheltering in place during riot

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Wielding Conan sword, Schwarzenegger blasts 'spinelessness' of fellow Republicans after Capitol riot

804d ago / 5:38 PM UTC
804d ago / 5:31 PM UTC

Father of slain Capitol officer hopes son's death brings end to 'lunacy'

805d ago / 5:29 PM UTC

Two men seen carrying restraints during Capitol riot charged with federal crimes

805d ago / 5:04 PM UTC

New York State Bar Association moves to oust Rudy Giuliani

805d ago / 5:00 PM UTC

Democratic lawmakers call for news conference, briefing from DOJ, Homeland, FBI heads


805d ago / 4:24 PM UTC

Biden plans 'America United' inauguration theme

805d ago / 4:01 PM UTC

Trump's voter fraud lies encouraged a riot. GOP allies are still giving them oxygen.

805d ago / 3:57 PM UTC
805d ago / 3:31 PM UTC

Whitehouse calls on Senate Ethics Committee to consider whether to punish Cruz, Hawley

805d ago / 3:19 PM UTC

Stripe payment processor boots Trump campaign after Capitol riot

805d ago / 2:53 PM UTC

Melania Trump makes first comments about attack on the Capitol

805d ago / 2:27 PM UTC
805d ago / 2:26 PM UTC

FBI, NYPD told Capitol Police about possibility of violence before riot, senior officials say

805d ago / 2:23 PM UTC

Many Republicans agree Trump went too far but remain divided over consequences

805d ago / 2:21 PM UTC
805d ago / 2:19 PM UTC

Can Trump be tried in the Senate on impeachment charges even after he leaves office? Some experts say yes.

805d ago / 2:10 PM UTC