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Trump's doctor walks back '72 hours' Covid diagnosis timeline

Here are the latest updates on President Donald Trump's coronavirus diagnosis.

President Donald Trump's physicians provided more confusion than clarity during a press conference Saturday morning after the president was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday night.

The doctors offered different timelines on when Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19 and when he began treatment. They also painted an optimistic picture of the president's health, which was almost immediately contradicted by a White House source who described the president's vitals over the past 24 hours as "very concerning."

Trump's coronavirus diagnosis has thrown his campaign into confusion with four weeks before the Nov. 3 election. A number of people connected to Trump or White House events have also tested positive for the coronavirus. Among them were former aide Kellyanne Conway, three Republican senators, and campaign manager Bill Stepien.

This live coverage has ended. Continue reading news from Sunday on the president's condition.

Christie hospitalized after testing positive for Covid

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was hospitalized Saturday after testing positive for the coronavirus. 

"In consultation with my doctors, I checked myself into Morristown Medical Center this afternoon. While I am feeling good and only have mild symptoms, due to my history of asthma we decided this is an important precautionary measure," Christie said in a statement. 

Christie, a close ally of President Trump, was part of debate prep ahead of the first presidential debate last week. Christie was at the White House last Saturday for the event announcing Trump's Supreme Court nominee and he was also at the White House on Sunday for a press conference. 


White House official says Trump tested positive after N.J. fundraiser

A White House official said Saturday afternoon that President Trump first tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday after returning to Washington from a fundraiser at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. 

Reporters were given conflicting information on Trump's diagnosis and treatment timeline, forcing the White House to spend much of  Saturday working to clarify. The tick-tock of Trump's diagnosis, which is still unclear, is particularly important because he held campaign events on Wednesday and Thursday where he interacted with people in-person.

Trump campaign vows it will stay in full-motion with key players

The president's re-election campaign announced "Operation MAGA," on Saturday, an effort to continue campaigning while the candidate is hospitalized.

The campaign will host virtual events until Wednesday's vice presidential debate, after which Vice President Mike Pence, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Lara Trump will begin campaigning on the ground in "key states."

“Operation MAGA will fire up the entire MAGA universe to keep President Trump’s campaign at full speed until our commander-in-chief returns to the campaign trail,” said Bill Stepien, Trump 2020 campaign manager, who has also been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

McConnell says he had another call with Trump

'Nightmare scenario': Trump campaign confronts daunting task of making up ground

President Donald Trump's coronavirus diagnosis has been an earthquake for his campaign, leaving some Republicans to worry that the election is slipping away.

The president's wishful assertions that the virus would disappear have been shattered. If it wasn't clear enough, it is now: The election will be about the coronavirus.

Trump's iconic campaign rallies are canceled, depriving him of one of his best chances to recruit new supporters and excite his old ones, while placing a brighter spotlight on his history of rarely wearing a mask and downplaying the severity of the virus.

Although he has an advantage with voters over Joe Biden on who would best handle the economy, surveys show the country trusts the former vice president by wide margins on managing the coronavirus and the health care system. The president's infection adds new scrutiny to his management of the virus, which has been his political Achilles' heel.

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Dems say moving forward with Barrett's confirmation 'threatens the health and safety' of members

All 10 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are calling on the panel's Republican chairman, Lindsey Graham, to hold off on the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

"To proceed at this juncture with a hearing to consider Judge Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court threatens the health and safety of all those who are called upon to do the work of this body,” the senators wrote in a letter to Graham that was spearheaded by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

They also wrote that holding a remote hearing for a Supreme Court nomination is "not an adequate substitute." Conducting the hearings virtually "ignores the gravity of our constitutional duty to provide advice and consent on lifetime appointments, particularly those to the nation’s highest court."

On Saturday, Senate Republicans signaled that they would move forward with the hearings the week of Oct. 12 despite three GOP senators, including two who are members of the committee, testing positive for Covid-19.

Tensions building outside Walter Reed

A tense, circus-like situation has developed outside the entrance to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center between President Donald Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters.

At one point, NBC News witnessed a minor physical altercation between an anti-Trump protester and a maskless Trump supporter carrying a Trump sign. It was unclear who started it, but they took a few swings at each other and screamed before police eventually showed up. It did not appear that anyone was injured. We have not seen any arrests.

“We can’t hear you, you might want to take your mask off, come on,” one Trump supporter is shouting through a megaphone.

Both local police and military police are now on hand.

In addition to shouting at each other, both the pro-Trump people and the anti-Trump people have been driving back and forth along Rockville Pike, where the media is set up on the sidewalk, honking their horns and occasionally screaming at reporters.

There are about 50 or so people gathered currently, mostly Trump supporters, some with signs wishing the president a speedy recovery. A few have signs saying coronavirus is a hoax.

The anti-Trump protesters have signs with profane references to Trump.

Drugmaker says White House doctor described Trump treatment inaccurately

Trump physician Dr. Sean Conley's statement today — and yesterday — described one of the president's coronavirus treatments as a polyclonal antibody cocktail, but the makers of the drug therapy told NBC News in an email that's the wrong term for the treatment.

"It is a combination of two monoclonal antibodies — meaning each was produced by making identical copies, or clones, of an antibody gene in a single B cell. Polyclonal antibody cocktails refer to antibodies made by mixtures of B cells," Regeneron spokesman Alexandra Bowie said.

Conley also misspelled the drug in a memo detailing the president's treatment; it is Regeneron, not Regeron.

Tracking Covid-19 infections among President Donald Trump's contacts

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the latest person who has recently interacted with President Donald Trump to announce a positive test result.

What we know: Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for Covid-19 after White House aide Hope Hicks was diagnosed. Theirs are the latest high-profile cases among members of the White House, Congress and Trump campaign and follow a handful of other heads of state who have tested positive.

What we don’t know: how far among Trump’s contacts and confidants the disease spread before and after the president became infected.

NBC News is tracking the declared infection status of those who came into contact with Trump in the last few days. Note that a negative test doesn’t necessarily mean a person is off the hook for Covid-19. The table will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

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George Conway says if not for reporter, he might still be treating wife for a cold

George Conway, the husband of former Trump White House aide Kellyanne Conway, tweeted Saturday that if it were not for the Bloomberg News reporter who first reported on the Covid-19 outbreak in the White House, he may not know his wife contracted the disease.

Kellyanne Conway announced she had tested positive on Friday, becoming one of a handful of Republicans to be diagnosed with the virus after attending a White House event on Saturday in honor of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee. 

George Conway has been one of the loudest Trump critics, and the president has often shot back at him on Twitter.