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Trump invites man dressed as border wall on stage at campaign rally

The president brought the rally-goer on stage Monday night to applaud his outfit choice: a suit resembling a wall

WASHINGTON — President Trump's wall isn't here — but it did come by for a visit on Monday.

At a campaign rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump spotted a man in the crowd dressed in a suit resembling a brick wall and invited him on stage.

"The wall is being built as we speak," Trump told the crowd, referring the southern border wall, before pointing to the man in a brick wall suit, who was seen carrying a sign that read "Build Me."

"Get him up here," Trump said as rally-goers chanted: "Build the wall!"

The man, who also wore a red "Make America Great Again" hat, briefly joined Trump on stage as the crowd roared in approval.

"Now we know who he's voting for," Trump continued, as the man proceeded back down the stage to rejoin the crowd. "Thank you very much."

Trump, who promised to build a wall along the US-Mexico border during his 2016 campaign and insisted that Mexico would pay for it, has continued to make border security and the border wall key pillars of his presidency and of his re-election campaign.