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Chuck Todd: GOP Will Likely Rule House Until 2022

"Not until 2022 I think at the earliest, will you see democrats have a chance at winning the house," said NBC News' political director.
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With the Republican gains made in the House of Representatives — not to mention their taking control of the Senate — the legislative branch of the federal government could be red for some time to come, said NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd.

"We're projecting 246 seats," said Todd. "If they hit that number, it’ll be the most the most Republicans in the House of Representatives since World War II. If they get more, and there’s a good chance they get to 247, or above: Most republicans serving in the House since 1928."

Todd noted that would give the GOP a vice-like grip on the House for some time to come.

"It basically is a firewall for the next presidential (election)," he added. "Let’s say Hillary Clinton is the nominee and she has a resounding victory of some sort, it is really hard to imagine how Democrats could win the House even in some sort of Hillary Clinton landslide. So this really secures the House Republican majority, for the rest of this decade. Not until 2022 I think, at the earliest, will you see Democrats have a chance at winning the house."