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Colin Powell: 'Some Elements' of GOP 'Demonize' Minorities

<p>Colin Powell decried the GOP's poor relationship with women and minority voters in an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell.</p>

Colin Powell, the former secretary of state for George W. Bush, again criticized Republicans on Friday for their poor relationship with women and minority voters.

Powell, who endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008, has become a vocal critic of the GOP's transformation since his time in government.

Powell told NBC's Andrea Mitchell:

“There are certain elements within the party which go out of their way to demonize people who don’t look like the way they’d like them to look like, or came from some other place. And I think the party has to deal with this. And the party says we're doing it -- they came out of last year's election with a lot of ideas about how they were going to make themselves a little more acceptable. And yet you see things happening -- you see members ot the party at the senior level make statements about women, make statements about minorities -- that once again make the party look less tolerant than it should be."