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/ Source: NBC News

Likely GOP presidential candidates used the National Rifle Association’s annual conference on Friday to sharpen their attacks on Hillary Clinton in anticipation of the start of her presidential campaign.

A slew of soon to be candidates touted their love of the Second Amendment while slamming Clinton for her tenure as secretary of state and her long history in Washington.

“I understand Hillary is about to announce her candidacy this weekend. I wonder what her slogan is going to be,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said before referencing her comments about the 2012 Benghazi attacks. “I suspect it won’t be 'four more years'...But it may be ‘What difference does it make?’”

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said the Second Amendment is under attack because of the "liberal, progressive worldview of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, and all of the other people who want to take the guns out of the hands of the good guys."

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is already in the race, said, “if Hillary Clinton is going to join with Barack Obama and the gun grabbers and come after our guns, then what I say is come and take it.”

And Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Clinton is a liberal who measures success “by how many people are dependent on the government.”

The former secretary of state is expected to announce her campaign on Sunday. She will become the overwhelming favorite to capture the Democratic presidential nomination, while the Republican race is expected to be much tighter.

But the harshest rhetoric came from NRA leader Wayne LaPierre, who listed off a number of scandals he said plagued Clinton in Arkansas, the White House, Senate, State Department and beyond. He said she "participated in the cover up and ensuing smear campaign" against Monica Lewinsky.

"From a coronation you don't get the best for America, or even the best for the Democratic party," LaPierre added. "What you get instead if Hillary Rodham Clinton."

-- Andrew Rafferty