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Obama Panel Takes Aim at Long Lines on Election Day

<p>President Obama wants Americans to have to wait no longer than 30 minutes to vote.</p>

President Barack Obama's election reform commission issued a new goal Wednesday: no American should have to wait longer than 30 minutes to vote.

After the long lines that plagued the 2012 presidential election, Obama impaneled a commission led by his top campaign lawyer and the top campaign lawyer for Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The commission issued its report today, which involves several reforms but emphasizes more efficient voting.

"They have now, working with the rest of this commission, put together an outstanding series of recommendations with an important goal, which is that no American should have to wait more than half an hour to vote," Obama said at an event at the White House debuting the report. "And they should know they should be confident that their vote is being properly counted and is secure."

The commission calls for several reforms and improvements, including easier access to online voter registration and protections against voter fraud. The report also recommends investments in better voting equipment and expanded early voting.

The commission's full report can be found here.