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The Trail Tapes: Where Does the Sanders Revolution Go Now?

We followed a Bernie Sanders delegate from Buffalo through the DNC to find out.

Bernie Sanders lost. But his revolution is far from over.

Beyond the bickering and booing of the Democratic National Convention, beyond the Sanders supporters yelling 'Bernie or Bust!' while stubbornly plugging their ears, Brian Nowak kept listening.

Yes, he did his fair share of chanting. And as a Bernie delegate from Buffalo, he did walk out of the DNC. He even ripped into 'the media' on a cable news segment about 'Bernie or Bust' delegates.

But Brian's strategy during the DNC—and back home in Buffalo, where he's managing a campaign for district attorney—is far more nuanced. And it gives a good look at where Sanders' call for a political revolution might actually lead: into the barren municipal offices, run-down county boards of elections, and crowded local courthouses that lie forgotten across the country. Into the living rooms of dedicated organizers who still work the Sunday night shift at 7/11 to keep their healthcare benefits.

We got a sense of Brian's strategy because he's the latest subject in our ongoing podcast and video series, The Trail Tapes, which tells the stories of people with unorthodox relationships to the presidential campaign.

Previous episodes have focused on a Donald Trump impersonator, a couple of precocious kids in New Hampshire, a woman who voices attack ads, and a Muslim leader trying to convince other Muslims to vote Republican.

You can listen to all the episodes on iTunes here.

And you can listen to Brian's story below: