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A new CNN poll has Dr. Ben Carson in second place behind 2012 nominee Mitt Romney in a hypothetical 2016 Republican field.

But don’t be surprised about Carson’s standing.

It’s largely a reflection of the power of being seen -- routinely -- on Fox News.

Indeed, in last month’s NBC/WSJ poll, two of the four Republicans with the highest scores among Republican respondents either have or had Fox News contracts. The two -- Mike Huckabee (who has been out of politics since 2008) and Carson (a retired neurosurgeon who has never run for office before). Indeed, Carson was more popular among Republicans in the NBC/WSJ poll than national GOP figures like Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry.

And Carson was better-known among Republicansthan either Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker or Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Here’s the NBC/WSJ poll’s fav/unfav scores among Republican respondents -- from most popular to least popular:

  • Mike Huckabee 52%-8% (+44)
  • Rand Paul 48%-6% (+42)
  • Jeb Bush 44%-12% (+32)
  • Ben Carson 33%-2% (+31)
  • Marco Rubio 37%-7% (+30)
  • Scott Walker 29%-2% (+27)
  • Chris Christie 40%-19% (+21)
  • Rick Perry 33%-13% (+20)
  • John Kasich 23%-6% (+17)
  • Ted Cruz 27%-12% (+15)