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First Read's Morning Clips: Is Big Business warming to Democrats?

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
A container is loaded onto a cargo ship at a port in Qingdao in east China's Shandong province on April 8, 2018.Chinatopix / AP file

MIDTERM MADNESS: Is Big Business warming to Democrats?

Business groups are taking a fresh look at supporting Democrats, writes POLITICO.

CA-GOV: Matt Bevin called Gavin Newsom a "dirtbag."

FL-GOV: The New York Times reports on how Trump is dominating the governors' race — and dimming Adam Putnam's once rising star.

Ron DeSantis is taking aim at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

MI-SEN: Trump is backing John James.

MI-GOV: Abdul El-Sayed says he's faced discrimination from both parties.

MN-SEN: Al Franken says in his first sit-down interview since his resignation that he misses the Senate.

ND-SEN: The Koch organization says it can't back Kevin Cramer at this time, Leigh Ann Caldwell reports from Colorado.

WI-GOV: Scott Walker is making a pitch to be the "education governor," POLITICO notes.

WI-SEN: The Journal-Sentinel reports on the final sprint in the GOP primary.

WV-SEN: Joe Manchin met with Brett Kavanaugh, but he says he wants another meeting.

TRUMP AGENDA: Mr. Manafort goes to trial

Pete Williams previews the Paul Manafort trial here.

Trump is calling the Koch network "overrated" after Charles Koch criticized the GOP over the weekend.

New intelligence shows that North Korea appears to be working on new missiles.

John Cornyn gave a glimpse into the GOP's Supreme Court vote strategy at the Koch summit.

The New York Times looks at how Trump is putting his stamp on the judiciary.

Trump says he'd meet with Iran with "no preconditions."

The Trump administration is mulling a tax cut on capital gains that would bypass Congress — which could be vulnerable to a legal challenge.