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OFF TO THE RACES: Clinton up 4 in new NBC|SurveyMonkey tracking poll

A new NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll shows Trump pulling closer to Clinton nationally.

Bill Clinton responded to his wife’s health scare, saying that she “works like a demon” and disclosing that she has suffered a similar ailment before.

The Clinton campaign admits it didn’t handle Sunday’s breaking news about the candidate’s health in the most optimal way, saying that she’ll release more records.

Democrats are annoyed by the Clinton camp’s secrecy, lamenting that “the Clintons always take the hard road,” writes POLITICO.

The New York Times editorial board writes: “While submitting health records is not a requirement for the job, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be doing American voters a great service by furnishing a much clearer picture of their physical health than the abbreviated and sunny reports provided so far."

Team Trump is hoping to take advantage of Clinton’s absence from the trail, seizing on her “deplorables” comment, the New York Times writes.

And Clinton is responding with a new ad of her own highlighting some of Trump’s most egregious comments about voters and political opponents.

From the AP: "House Republicans are keeping up their attacks on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails by calling for testimony the tech expert who set up her private server and representatives from the company that maintained the system."

Republicans are starting to get very, very worried about North Carolina, the Washington Post notes.

Sen. David Perdue and former Rep. Jack Kingston have teamed up writing an op-ed for Republicans to unite behind Trump.

Donald Trump now says that the Fed is “obviously not independent” — but he hasn’t always held that view, NBC’s Benjy Sarlin writes.

The Wall Street Journal writes that a new group of voters are being especially mobilized this election: Muslims.

The Washington Post continues to search for Trump’s charitable donations — and it still can’t find details.

Looking ahead and down ballot: POLITICO notes that 2018 could be a disaster for Senate Dems.