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OFF TO THE RACES: Clinton leads Trump, 50%-42%, in new NBC|SurveyMonkey poll

From our latest NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll: "Hillary Clinton continues to hold a large national lead over Donald Trump, 50 percent to 42 percent, weeks after the Democratic National Convention. Clinton's 8-point advantage is virtually unchanged from her 9-point lead last week, and she has seen similar margins since the end of July. These results are according to the latest NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll among registered voters."

NBC's Abigail Williams has the latest on the release of additional previously undisclosed emails from Hillary Clinton discovered by the FBI in the course of their investigation of her private server.

From the New York Times: "The dispute over Hillary Clinton’s email practices now threatens to shadow her for the rest of the presidential campaign after the disclosure on Monday that the F.B.I. collected nearly 15,000 new emails in its investigation of her and a federal judge’s order that the State Department accelerate the documents’ release. As a result, thousands of emails that Mrs. Clinton did not voluntarily turn over to the State Department last year could be released just weeks before the election in November."

Trump is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton's State Department.

Bill Clinton will step down from the Clinton Foundation board and stop raising money for the organization if his wife wins in November.

Clinton addressed her email woes during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel -- and she also spoke about questions regarding her health.

Clinton will target Trump's embrace of the "alt-right" in a speech on Thursday. She'll also outline a small business plan today.

From Zach Roth: "Citing Donald Trump's controversial call to his supporters to challenge voters at the polls, a leading civil rights group is urging international election monitors to beef up their efforts to observe this November's U.S. presidential contest."

The Washington Post on Trump's latest comments on immigration: "After spending a few days reflecting on his immigration stances and consulting with Hispanic supporters, Donald Trump on Monday detailed how he would deal with the millions of immigrants illegally living in the United States: Enforce laws that are already on the books and continue to do what President Obama is doing, although "perhaps with a lot more energy." This strategy marks a sudden change for the Republican nominee, who has presented himself as a politically incorrect outsider who is not afraid to take extreme measures to combat illegal immigration, such as deporting 11 million people or constructing a massive wall along the southern border. For more than a year, Trump insisted that all illegal immigrants "have got to go" and that he would create a "deportation force" to carry out the task."

Benjy Sarlin has a great look at what we know - and don't know - about Trump's views on immigration.

The Washington Post editorial board warns "don't fall for Trump's pivot toward 'humane' immigration policies."

The Wall Street Journal: "Donald Trump for the last week has been asking for support from African-American voters who have long backed Democrats, but his campaign has for months rebuffed invitations from supporters for the Republican presidential nominee to appear before black audiences."

The Washington Post, on Rudy v. Hillary: "Rudy Giuliani is finally running the race against Hillary Clinton that he first contemplated some 17 years ago: a brutish bout under a white-hot spotlight. Only he’s doing it at the behest of his longtime friend Donald Trump."

And ICYMI: With a new chapter in our ongoing series on the rise of Donald Trump coming soon, make sure you didn’t miss Part One of the project here!

OBAMA AGENDA: Heading to Louisiana

As the president heads to Louisiana today to speak about flood damage there, he'll have to mix compassion and politics, the New York Times writes.

Obama will skip an appearance at the Clinton Global Initiative.