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OFF TO THE RACES: Wrapping Day Two -- mostly about Hillary

Don’t miss NBC’s Conventions blog, with all you need to know about each day’s developments.

Benjy Sarlin wraps Day Two of the RNC: "On the night Donald Trump officially became the nominee of the party of Abraham Lincoln, the GOP's top leaders laid out their case for his election: Have you seen Hillary Clinton?”

And Leigh Ann Caldwell writes of the last gasps – and the final end – of the Never Trump movement.

The New York Times headline: "Donald Trump Claims Nomination, With Discord Clear but Family Cheering”

And from the Washington Post: "Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party’s nominee for president here Tuesday night, a landmark moment in American political history that made complete the celebrity mogul’s unlikely conquest of the GOP. But Republicans who gathered for their national convention celebrated Trump’s triumphant milestone not by promoting his personal virtues and policy ideas so much as by leading a three-hour prosecution of Democrat Hillary Clinton.”

Hometown pub has a good roundup of the convention so far.

How do the folks in Cleveland really feel about the election? Check out NBC’s Election Confessions project.

The second night was billed as a pitch on economic solutions, but there was not a lot of talk about the economy in the convention hall.

Donald Trump’s son raised eyebrows for using lines in his speech that had previously been published elsewhere, though the author of the text said he helped to write the speech.

Alex Jaffe wraps what we know about the writing of Melania Trump’s speech.

And from the New York Times: "The two original speechwriters were not aware of how significantly the speech had been changed until they saw Ms. Trump deliver it on television Monday night, along with the rest of the country.”

Tiffany Trump stepped into the spotlight with one of the more well-received speeches of the night.

POLITICO looks at how Mike Pence’s rise was all about talk radio. And NPR investigates his record on education.

The New York Times Magazine has some juicy details on how Trump picked his running mate.

From the Washington Post: "House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fell in line behind Donald Trump on Tuesday night, the Republican Party’s two most powerful elected leaders backing the GOP’s presidential nominee despite months of awkward embraces and occasional spats.”

President Obama wrote an open letter to law enforcement officers, saying "Every day, you confront danger so it does not find our families … We recognize it, we respect it, we appreciate it, and we depend on you.”

And don’t miss this huge media story: FOX’s Roger Ailes is headed for the exits after reports that Megyn Kelly told investigators that he sexually harassed her.