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First Read's Morning Clips: Dems pick up 35th net House seat

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
Christine Giroux exits the voting booth at Transit Town Hall on Nov. 6, 2018. At 91.4 percent, in 2016, Sibley County had one of the highest percentage of votes cast at a polling place of any county in the state.Leila Navidi / Star Tribune via AP

MIDTERM MADNESS: With ME-2 win, Democrats are at 35 pickups and counting

FL-SEN: A hand recount has been ordered in the Florida Senate race.

FL-GOV: It's getting close to a sure win for Ron DeSantis.

GA-GOV: Stacey Abrams is considering a longshot legal challenge as she continues to trail Brian Kemp.

ME-2: It's a win for Democrat Jared Golden after a big fight over ranked-choice voting.

MS-SEN: Cindy Hyde-Smith was caught on tape calling it a "great idea" to create hurdles for some people to vote. Her campaign says she was "joking."

Mike Epsy "allegedly continued to take payments from an African despot now on trial in international court for crimes against humanity after saying he had halted his lobbying contract with the former Ivory Coast president and received only partial payment."

2020: Booker interviews possible campaign managers

Cory Booker is interviewing potential campaign managers, Mike Memoli scoops.

Is Bob Casey a potential presidential candidate? He wouldn't rule it out in an interview with Leigh Ann Caldwell.

TRUMP AGENDA: California, here we come…

Trump plans to visit California fire victims.

Trump still isn't promising to avert a government shutdown over his border wall demands.

The U.S. Marshals are spending millions on Betsy DeVos' personal security, writes NBC News.

Matthew Whitaker has told Trump he has concerns over the new bipartisan criminal justice reform bill.

And Republicans are pushing Trump to name a replacement for Whitaker fast.

NBC: "A court document filed by mistake has revealed that the Justice Department is preparing to criminally charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange."

The Pentagon says it "failed" its first audit.

Is Wilbur Ross on his way out?

Here's what you need to get caught up on Brexit and Theresa May.

THE DEM AGENDA: Do Pelosi’s critics have the votes?

From our Hill team: Do Pelosi foes have the votes?

A photo (and accompanying commentary) of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's outfit is causing a firestorm online.

Progressives' Green New Deal is becoming a new issue for Pelosi to navigate.