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OFF TO THE RACES: Bob Bennett’s deathbed wish

NBC's Frank Thorp reports on the deathbed wish of former Republican Sen. Bob Bennett, who wished to apologize to Muslims for Donald Trump.

Who are the people on Donald Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees? Read about them here and here.

Trump leads Clinton in a new national FOX poll.

CLINTON: Clinton supporter Ed Rendell is apologizing for saying that Trump's comments about women will come back to haunt him because "there are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women."

The New York Times on the House Benghazi panel: "Whether by diligence or design, the committee’s grindingly slow pace has put it on track to deliver a final report shortly before the presidential nominating conventions in July, or even as late as the weeks before the November election — both points at which it could inflict maximum political damage on Hillary Clinton, who has been a central focus of the investigation since its inception."

SANDERS: From Alex Seitz-Wald: "The 25-year-marriage of convenience between Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party is on the rocks, as the Vermont independent senator is threatening to take his millions of supporters with him in the separation."

From the New York Times: "Advisers to Mr. Sanders said on Wednesday that he was newly resolved to remain in the race, seeing an aggressive campaign as his only chance to pressure Democrats into making fundamental changes to how presidential primaries and debates are held in the future. They said he also held out hope of capitalizing on any late stumbles by Mrs. Clinton or any damage to her candidacy, whether by scandal or by the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump."

And from the Wall Street Journal: “A growing number of Democrats are bracing for a divisive and disorderly July presidential convention in Philadelphia that could damage the party and expected nominee Hillary Clinton.”

Joe Biden insists there's "no fundamental split in the Democratic Party."

The AP notes how Trump is egging Sanders on.

And from the Washington Post: "An explosive weekend convention in Nevada, where Sanders supporters turned on the state party chairwoman for overruling their challenges and seating Clinton delegates, exposed the depth of the acrimony. In his statements since then, Sanders has made no attempt to heal it. Sanders is also keeping his supporters riled up by making what many Democrats view as an unrealistic, and even dishonest, view of his candidacy, given Clinton’s large lead in delegates."

POLITICO notes that Sanders could have a big influence in the Senate -- if he doesn't alienate his colleagues.

Sanders accepted an invitation to a FOX Democratic debate in California.

TRUMP: He lobbed an allegation of "rape" at Bill Clinton in a FOX News interview Wednesday night.

Katy Tur and Ali Vitali report on Trump's huddle with Henry Kissinger on Wednesday.

How did the Trump kids turn out so, well, polite? The Washington Post takes a look.

The New York Times, on Trump's immigration policy: "Mr. Trump has suggested he will flesh out his ideas in a forthcoming speech. But experts across many fields who have analyzed his plans so far warn that they would come at astronomical costs — whoever paid — and would in many ways defy the logic of science, engineering and law."

The Washington Post notes how Donald Trump's financial disclosure shows how his empire has benefitted from his presidential run.