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First Read's Morning Clips: GOP Super PAC throws down more dollars for the midterms

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
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MIDTERM MADNESS: GOP Super PAC throws down more dollars for the midterms

The Congressional Leadership Fund has reserved another $13 million for TV ads, NBC’s Ben Kamisar writes.

Republican leaders have been unhappy with the president’s talk of a “red wave,” urging him to sound the alarm instead.

The Washington Post looks at the wealthy donors — including a former Republican backer — who are pouring millions into the Democratic effort to win back the Senate.

Democrats say they will investigate Ryan Zinke if they flip the House.

A new group of female House members have started a new PAC called Elect Democratic Women to help close the gender gap on Capitol Hill.

Republicans used to have a lock on governors’ mansions in the Midwest. That may be changing this year.

AZ-SEN: That mystery PAC that criticized Martha McSally during the primaries? It was funded entirely by the Senate Majority PAC.

CA-SEN: The New York Times looks at the toll that the Kavanaugh hearings have taken on Dianne Feinstein’s image.

And/but: POLITICO writes that Kevin de Leon is facing a backlash for his own behavior after trying to weaponized the Kavanaugh controversy against Feinstein.

FL-GOV: Are the controversies about Ron DeSantis and race really hurting him?

MO: Is Eric Greitens plotting a comeback?

MT-SEN: An NRSC poll has things looking close in Montana.

ND-SEN: Heidi Heitkamp says Kevin Cramer is stealing credit for a signature piece of legislation, writes Jane Timm.

NV-SEN: Trump set aside his grudge against onetime opponent Dean Heller to endorse him.

PA-GOV: Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner is under fire for telling the “raccoon story” — a missive popular with some Trump supporters and derided as racist.

TX-SEN: The first O’Rourke-Cruz debate is tonight.

TRUMP AGENDA: Kavanaugh’s accuser lays out her conditions for testimony

Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser has laid out the conditions for her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying she won’t be in the same room as him at the same time.

Christine Blasey Ford is also dismissing a theory that she mistook another attacker for Kavanaugh.

Trump says the Senate should “get on with” the Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Mazie Hirono is becoming a new favorite of liberals with her blunt talk on Kavanaugh.

Stephen Miller is winning again on immigration policy, successfully keeping the Trump administration’s pragmatists out of meetings.