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First Read's Morning Clips: A more moderate economic agenda

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
People pass the New York Stock Exchange, Friday, June 24, 2016.Richard Drew / AP, file

TRUMP AGENDA: A more moderate economic agenda

Andrew Rafferty sums up Trump’s reversal on China as a currency manipulator. And Ali Vitali writes about his reversal on NATO.

And from the Washington Post: “The statements represent a move toward the economic policies of more centrist Republicans and even at times align with the approach of former president Barack Obama. Should he follow through on the newly articulated positions, it would suggest that the candidate who ran as the ultimate outsider is increasingly adopting a more moderate economic agenda”

“President Donald Trump wants to use a key Obamacare subsidy program as leverage to draw Democrats to the negotiating table on health care, three administration officials with knowledge of Trump's thinking told POLITICO.”

And from the Washington Post: “The Trump administration is quickly identifying ways to assemble the nationwide deportation force that President Trump promised on the campaign trail as he railed against the dangers posed by illegal immigration. An internal Department of Homeland Security assessment obtained by The Washington Post shows the agency has already found 33,000 more detention beds to house undocumented immigrants, opened discussions with dozens of local police forces that could be empowered with enforcement authority and identified where construction of Trump’s border wall could begin.”

Rex Tillerson says he told President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that relations between the two countries are at "a low point."

From the New York Times: “President Trump and Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson sought on Wednesday to isolate President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia for backing the Syrian government in the wake of its lethal chemical weapons attack on civilians, and worked to build international pressure on Moscow to change course.”

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday rolled back two Obama-era memos intended to help protect student loan borrowers,” NBC’s Kalhan Rosenblatt writes. “Student loan contracts aren't serviced in-house by the Federal Student Aid Office. Instead, they are managed by third-party companies, which are awarded contracts by the government. Before the Obama memos, those contracts went to companies that were best at collecting debts.”

The New York Times writes that, after he left the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort borrowed money from business with ties to Trump.

The AP observes: “President Donald Trump likes to boast that he only hires the best people. But his personnel choices keep coming back to haunt him.”

OFF TO THE RACES: Ossoff on MTP Daily

GA-06: Don’t miss Chris Jansing’s interview yesterday with Jon Ossoff.

A Republican candidate in the GA-06 race says Jon Ossoff “will be under the control of Jared Kushner.”

The New Yorker looks at attacks on Ossoff based on his onetime work for Al Jazeera.

MT-AL: Montana Public Radio sums up all the latest in the Quist-Gianforte race.