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OFF TO THE RACES: “The Only Principled Response”

The New York Times editorial board calls on Republicans to dump Trump: “Repudiation of his candidacy is the only principled response.”

And the Washington Post editorial board writes: “It is Mr. Trump’s own behavior that is cause for concern. His evident lack of any kind of self-control has ominous implications for how he would respond as president and commander in chief to real crises and emergencies.”

From the AP: “For Donald Trump, it's become a familiar pattern. The Republican nominee can't let go of a perceived slight, no matter the potential damage to his presidential campaign or political reputation.”

Amid the Khan controversy and the debate about “sacrifice,” the New York Times looks at Donald Trump’s draft deferments.

The Washington Post: “Khan confrontation keys in on human decency — and that could haunt Trump”

“A bipartisan constellation of decorated combat veterans, members of Congress and family members of slain soldiers admonished Donald Trump on Monday for criticizing the Muslim American parents of an Army officer killed in Iraq, threatening to undermine Trump’s support among core Republican voters,” writes the Washington Post.

NBC’s Ali Vitali reports on his Pennsylvania rally, where he said Bernie Sanders “made a deal with the devil. She's the devil. He made a deal with the devil."

And, Vitali notes, Trump said he’s worried that the November election is “about to be rigged.”

Trump’s not letting up on his support for warmer relations with Russia.

He said yesterday of Khizr Khan: “If I were president, his son wouldn't have died because we wouldn't be in a war.”

Warren Buffett challenged Trump to a tax release duel, Monica Alba reports.

NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard reports on the Air Force mother who was booed for asking Mike Pence about Trump’s “disrespect” in the Khan fracas.

The Washington Post looks at Tim Kaine’s shifts on gun control.

POLITICO asks if Tim Kaine is the right pick to woo Latinos.

“The campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton already are at work on transition planning from the administration of President Barack Obama, aided by a series of laws passed in recent years that give candidates a head start on the process,” writes the Wall Street Journal. “Starting on Monday, transition teams for Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton had access to a workspace in a nondescript government office building near the White House.”

Democrats are hoping to turn Arizona blue in November, POLITICO reports.