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First Read's Morning Clips: Steve King's opponent flooded with last-minute cash

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day
Chris Keane / Reuters

MIDTERM MADNESS: Will Trump’s immigration rhetoric work?

The New York Times asks if Trump’s rhetoric on immigrants will work to keep the GOP afloat in the midterms.

Could millennials be remaking the parties?

Bill Clinton used to be a top Democratic surrogate. Post #MeToo, not so much.

Voters in 18 states are outpacing 2014 early vote numbers.

Trump is treading a bit more lightly with female candidates when it comes to name-calling.

Latinos are vying for governor in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

2020: A brand-new New Jersey law would allow Cory Booker to run for Senate and president at the same time.

AK-GOV: It’s a super close race between Dunleavy and Begich now.

AK-AL: Could Don Young… lose?

AZ-SEN: She’s still on the ballot — and plenty of voters have cast their ballots already — but Green Party candidate Angela Green says she’s dropping out and endorsing Kyrsten Sinema.

FL: John Bolton is talking tough on Cuba and Venezuela as the GOP seeks conservative Latinos in Florida.

FL-SEN: Rick Scott is making a play for Latino and independent voters with a new health care ad.

GA-GOV: Oprah campaigned for Stacey Abrams, saying that she will “serve the underserved” as governor.

IA-4: Steve King got very fired up when asked about charges that he’s too sympathetic to white nationalists.

King opponent JD Scholten is raising some big money in the final stretch.

MI-SEN: Michigan’s longshot Senate candidate wants a last-minute Trump visit.

MO-SEN: The Kansas City Star is endorsing Claire McCaskill.

SD-GOV: A new poll shows Noem just slightly ahead of Sutton.

VT-GOV: How exactly are Vermont voters set to re-elect Bernie Sanders and a GOP governor? Alex Seitz-Wald visited to get a look.

WV-SEN: The Senate Leadership Fund is pulling back in West Virginia.

TRUMP AGENDA: WikiLeaks and Roger Stone

Roger Stone implied that he knew about Wikileaks’s plans to release Clinton’s emails in his communication with a Trump strategist.

Here’s our team’s fact check on Trump’s immigration speech yesterday.

Trump says that migrants throwing rocks should be treated like they’re armed.

The press conference by conservative operatives who are alleging sexual misconduct allegations against Robert Mueller without evidence was a mess.

The White House is increasingly worried that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke broke federal rules, the Washington Post writes.

The Congressional Black Caucus wants a top job in Democratic leadership.

And Liz Cheney wants a job in House GOP leadership.