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OFF TO THE RACES: Nine unanswered questions about Clinton’s health scare

Here are nine unanswered questions about Clinton’s health scare Sunday morning.

And here’s why the incident is sure to put both candidates’ health in the spotlight again.

From the New York Times: "The episode thrust questions about Mrs. Clinton’s health and the transparency of her campaign squarely into the last two months of the race, which many polls show has grown tighter. For months Republicans have, with scarce evidence, questioned the stamina of Mrs. Clinton, 68, and claimed she is ill, often pointing to her repeated coughing bouts."

The Washington Post looks at Clinton’s history of intense privacy when it comes to her health.

Before Sunday’s incident, Clinton was dealing with the fallout of calling half of Trump supporters part of a “basket of deplorables.” The Wall Street Journal has the latest.

And/but, POLITICO writes that Team Hillary isn’t too worried about the “deplorables” comments: "The “half,” after all, was what turned Clinton’s regular discussion of the racist and bigoted elements of Trump’s campaign into an insult hurled at millions of Americans. But she quickly signaled she has no intention of backing off her larger narrative about how Trump is empowering the fringe right."

Also over the weekend, Donald Trump Jr. shared an image on social media depicting a racist meme.

Our latest battleground polls over the weekend showed a tight race in some traditionally less competitive states.

And the Washington Post/ ABC News poll had Clinton up five nationally with likely voters.

Trump’s pitch to minorities has gone, well, not well, writes the Washington Post.

Eyes on the down ballot: "Democrats seeking control of the House are pushing into new battleground districts, exposing vulnerable Republicans in diverse suburban areas that have been safe GOP seats for nearly a generation, according to a POLITICO analysis of Census demographic data, internal polling from both parties, and TV advertising data."

Worth watching, from the New York Times: For decades, news organizations have refrained from releasing early results in presidential battleground states on Election Day, adhering to a strict, time-honored embargo until a majority of polls there have closed. Now, a group of data scientists, journalists and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs is seeking to upend that reporting tradition, providing detailed projections of who is winning at any given time on Election Day in key swing states, and updating the information in real time from dawn to dusk.”

And note this, from the AP: "A cease-fire brokered by the United States and Russia is set to begin at sunset on Monday in Syria amid mixed messages of commitment from various rebel factions but with verbal backing by President Bashar Assad's government. In a stark message to opponents, Assad made a rare public appearance Monday by attending prayers for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha at a mosque in the Damascus suburb of Daraya."