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First Read's Morning Clips: Voter enthusiasm for midterms hits historic levels

A roundup of the most important political news stories of the day.
Signs for candidates in the upcoming Nov. 6 election fill flower beds outside an early voting center at the City County Building in Indianapolis on Oct. 23, 2018.Michael Conroy / AP

MIDTERM MADNESS: Enthusiasm for 2018 reaches historic levels

Midterm voter enthusiasm is getting to historic levels.

Will younger voters really show up?

Democrats say that Republicans who are embracing pre-existing condition protections now are running from their record.

Trump and the GOP are defiantly rejecting allegations that the president’s rhetoric is fanning the flames of violence.

2020: The New York Times looks at Brad Parscale’s strategy heading into Trump’s reelection campaign.

Yes, Michael Avenatti is building an infrastructure for 2020.

FL-GOV: Who are the third party candidates on the ballot in Florida?

GA-GOV: Jimmy Carter thinks Brian Kemp should resign as secretary of state in Georgia.

IA-4: Steve King’s supporters are brushing off his far-right rhetoric in light of new violence.

And the Sioux City Journal broke with tradition and endorsed J.D. Scholten, writing “Each time King immerses himself in controversy, he holds up this district to ridicule and marginalizes himself within the legislative body he serves, neither of which provides benefit to Iowans who live and work here.”

KS-2: Republican nominee Steve Watkins is facing new allegations of sexual misconduct.

MS-SEN: Mississippi is starting to see some big outside spending.

NV: A constitutional amendment over power providers is attracting huge spending in Nevada.

OR-GOV: The New York Times checks in with Kate Brown’s struggling reelection campaign.

PA-1: The Washington Post looks at whether Brian Fitzpatrick can hold on.

SD-GOV: History will be made in South Dakota next week, no matter who wins.

TX-SEN: The New York Times takes a look at Beto O’Rourke’s support of an El Paso real estate deal.

Massive early voting numbers are giving both parties hope in Texas.

TRUMP AGENDA: Likely cabinet exodus

Jonathan Allen sums up the president’s reaction to the synagogue shooting on Saturday — and everything else he talked about.

The Washington Post profiles the synagogue shooter.

The New York Times looks at how social media site Gab has become a haven for extremists.

It’s likely that we’ll see a Cabinet exodus after the midterms, writes POLITICO.

Could a Democratic House majority actually undermine the Mueller probe?

Who is Brazil’s new far-right president-elect?

Angela Merkel won’t run for reelection as her party’s head.